Weight gain is related to type of food, not quantity, study says

Nutrition researchers suggest, in a new study, that weight gain is more related to the type of food consumed, and not necessarily to the quantity.

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  • The study says that many of the world’s obesity problems are caused by overeating with a high glycemic load or from foods that are easily and quickly digested as they instantly increase blood sugar levels. These foods often contain highly processed carbohydrates and can result in hormonal responses, telling the body to store more calories as fat.

    Weight gain is related to types of food and not quantity, says study ( Image: Haseeb Jamil/Unsplash)

    Researchers add that reduce consumption of fast-digesting carbohydrates that flooded the food supply during the low-fat diet era lessens the drive to store body fat. “As a result, people can lose weight with less hunger and struggle,” the study authors write.

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    They emphasize, however, that there is a lot of evidence to show that cutting calories can play an important role in weight loss. Even the authors of this study recognize that more research is needed on each model before any strong conclusions can be made anyway. The study can be found here.

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