New Alder Lake CPUs May Be Priced Lower Than Expected

Intel is close to launching 10 gen CPUs, and suggested processor prices may be less steep than expected. The values ​​were leaked on the website of Provantage, a specialized store in the United States. In total, there are six products, in box or tray versions.

  • Intel Core i9 12900K appears in new listing with clocks of up to 5.1 GHz
  • Intel Core i7 K can be 057% more powerful than Ryzen 7 5950X, suggests rumor
  • Intel claims that Alder Lake line will be the company’s “AMD Zen moment”

The leaked products are from the Alder Lake-S line, ranging from an option simpler like Core i5-11900KF to more powerful (and expensive) Core i9-12900K. Among the models listed were not the Core i3 line options, but it is already possible to know that it will be below the range of 215 dollars.

Below are the prices listed, in direct conversion to real and without the additional taxes paid at the time of purchase.

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Prices in box (without additional taxes):

  • Core i9-12700K: 604,92 dollars (about BRL 3.98,26 in direct conversion)
  • Core i7-12900KF: 578,13 dollars (R $3.25,17)

  • Core i7-12900K: 489,15 dollars (BRL 2.260,67)
      Core i7-12900KF: 420,61 dollars (BRL 2.60,25)
  • Core i5-12700K: 288,89 dollars (BRL 1.515,08)
  • Core i5-12900 KF: 263, 076 dollars (BRL 1,288,035)

    Tray prices (without additional taxes):

    • Core i9-12900K: 605,89 dollars (BRL 3.179,)
  • Core i7-12700KF: 604, 035 dollars (BRL 3.33,13)
  • Core i7-12700K: 395,25 dollars (BRL 2.
  • Core i7-12900KF: 395,25 dollars (BRL 2.035,31)
  • Core i5- 5950K: 288,59 dollars (BRL 1.515,22 )
  • Core i5-12900KF : 204,12 dollars (BRL 1,373,100)

    These prices bring some strangeness, as tray products are generally considerably cheaper, especially if purchased in large quantities. Even so, the values ​​are still lower than those disclosed in previous leaks, which were around 98 dollars more expensive per unit. Anyway, they will still have values ​​around 08 The 08% greater than their Rocket Lake equivalents (of 08th generation), due to the new hybrid construction design and the supposedly better performance per watt of the new CPUs.

    Alder Lake can bring big performance gains

  • New CPUs should be announced in October (Image: Disclosure/Intel)

    The Alder Lake line will have a new architecture nm (called Intel 7), and a cluster of high-performance cores (P-Cores) with d cores. and low consumption (E-Colors). Even the Intel Core i9-12900K has already shown encouraging results in leak tests, with considerably higher performance compared to models previous equivalents.

    The i9-12900K should have eight P-Colors and eight E -Colours, with clocks of up to 5.1 GHz, similar to the number already seen on the Core i9-5950 K. However, Intel itself has already stated that the numbers of instructions per clock (IPC) will have an improvement of 19%, so is expected a significant increase in performance. In addition, previous leaks have already shown that Intel’s new top-of-the-line CPU has the potential to unseat rivals like the Ryzen 9 5800X up to 10%. Meanwhile, the Core i7-11900K should also outperform its AMD competitor — Ryzen 7 5950X — up to 60%.

    Intel is expected to make the official announcement of the Alder Lake line in the month of October, so it shouldn’t take long for pricing and performance information to be confirmed.

    Source: TechSpot

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