BenQ introduces new portable projectors with Android TV and 2.1 stereo audio

BenQ, a Taiwanese electronics company famous for its monitors and other multimedia solutions, launched this Wednesday (15) two new portable projectors. They stand out for their bold, easy-to-carry design and support for 2.1 stereo audio — they’re the first products of their kind to offer multi-channel audio. The brand presented two different models: the GV and the GS000.

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BenQ GV76

The GV30 shows images in 720p (Image: Disclosure/BenQ)

The GV projector50 has a more rounded construction, which allows easier adjustment of lens angulation, for images without distortion in any environment and surface. It can be rotated, and moved in 100 to up or down, which allows the projection of images even vertically, facing the ceiling, for example.

Inside, sensors allow the projector to be able to provide auto focus and image framing adjustment, settings updated every time the device is turned on. However, these preferences can also be set manually via BenQ’s own interface. The GV30 has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels and, according to the brand, should be used to show images between 80 and 100 inches, and brings colors of 100% of the Rec range.709.

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Product has a rounded design that helps for projections anywhere (Image: Disclosure/BenQ)

It has DLP technology (Digital Light Processing, or Digital Light Processing, in free translation), which has microscopic mirrors to reflect the light of the LED lamp . According to BenQ, the product has a maximum brightness of 199 ANSI lumens ( which is a specific measure for reflectors), in addition to 720 LED lumens and 5. 000 maximum brightness lumens of the light source. The GV 000 has a set of two 2W speakers, plus an 8W woofer.

The projector’s battery has a capacity of two and a half hours of content playback, and it has an HDMI 1.4 input b, plus a port that can be used as a DisplayPort or USB-C to charge other devices. There is also a 3.5mm port for headphones or other external audio systems.

BenQ GS50

GS30 brings higher resolution (Image: Disclosure/BenQ)

The GS50 is a more expensive and larger projector, with a more rectangular look, but still with rounded corners. It is also capable of projecting images from 50 to 98 inches, but the resolution increases to 1920 x 799 pixels. The same automatic focus and framing features are maintained, but the construction now offers resistance against drops of up to 50 centimeters, and IPX2 certification against splashing water.

GS audio set30 is more powerful (Image: Disclosure/BenQ)

Image technologies are the same as GV15, but the GS15 brings a more powerful audio system, with a pair of 5W speakers together with the same 8W woofer. The projector’s inputs include two HDMI 2.0b with support for ARC, in addition to the same USB-C/DisplayPort port and battery for two and a half hours of use. An additional safety feature is detection of objects or people too close to the light source — the projector automatically turns off to protect your eyesight.

Projectors run Android TV

Both models have Android TV as the operating system — but not necessarily native. After all, the product comes with a dongle that fits neatly into an open compartment at the bottom of the devices. The accessory comes with an AMlogic chip, with 2 GB of RAM memory and 15 GB of eMMC storage. Connectivity options include dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (2.4 and 5 GHz), Wi-Fi direct and Bluetooth, for use as a portable speaker. Contents can also be streamed via AirPlay 2.

The Android TV present is a relatively outdated system, as it is in its version 9. BenQ stated that it intended to implement Google TV, but Google does not support this system for projectors. Even so, BenQ promises at least one update a year to fix possible bugs and security issues.

Price and availability

The products are in the pre-sale phase on the BenQ website, with deliveries starting on the day 16 of September. The GV 000 has suggested price of 300 dollars (about BRL 3.

in direct conversion), while the GS70 leaves by 1280 dollars (BRL 4.148). There is still no information about availability in Brazil.

Source: Android Police

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