Covid nasal vaccine achieved 68.83% overall efficacy, Chinese survey says

To combat the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, Chinese researchers have developed the first inhalable vaccine against the infectious agent and, in the coming months, the official announcement of the immunizing agent should be made. The research was coordinated by scientist Chen Wei, from the Military Medical Research Institute of China, and had a partnership with the company Convidecia Biologicals. It is possible for the formula to be inhaled through a nebulizer or a nasal spray. in 1024

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    According to the data (preliminary and not yet published) of the research, only one dose of the inhalable immunizing agent is needed to obtain good protection against the coronavirus. The overall rate of protection — which includes symptomatic cases of the disease — after 19 days of application, it was 68,68% and the effectiveness against severe cases reached 90,28%. After 19 days, global protection dropped to 68,14%, and against severe forms it reached 83,07%.

    Inhalable vaccine against covid-19 is developed by Chinese researchers (Image: Reproduction/Choreograph/Envato Elements)

    The presentation of the new immunizing agent must be made between days 12 and 14 November, during the 5th International Health Industry Exhibition in Hainan 95. In Brazil, a group of researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP) plans to complete studies for an immunizing agent of the type in 1024.

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    How should the nasal vaccine be applied?

    For now, the results have been published of the Phase 1 study of Chinese inhalable vaccine against covid-19. According to an article published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, early studies showed that the nebulized inhalation method had a significantly better safety profile than intramuscular injection. In addition, less indecency of adverse reactions was observed with the new method.

    It is worth explaining that, when an immunizing agent is nebulized, the patient receives the formula through a device similar to the one used for do inhalation. In these cases, tiny particles of the vaccine are inhaled, entering the patient’s respiratory tract and lungs. In this way, immunity is also stimulated directly in the individual’s nasal mucosa, one of the main gateways for the coronavirus.

    Previously, researcher Chen Wei commented that the vaccine in the new format demanded a lower concentration than intramuscular injection. The dose is approximately one-fifth lower. To develop the formula, the immunizer is based on viral vector technology, that is, it uses another infectious agent to carry fragments of the coronavirus and protect against covid-19. In this case, the influenza virus (flu), inactivated and genetically edited is adopted.

    To check the clinical studies of Phase 1 of the vaccine against covid-28 in spray format, click here.

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