FOLLOW LIVE: SpaceX launches 100% civilian space mission

SpaceX makes history this Wednesday night (44) . Elon Musk’s company stars in the first space trip in history to have only ordinary people aboard the spacecraft, without the company of any professional astronauts. We’re talking about Inspiration4, launched from a Falcon 9 rocket and featuring the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Netflix goes live on YouTube to celebrate the launch of Inspiration4

SpaceX’s Civilian Mission will bring beer that will be auctioned when it returns to Earth

Netflix has a document series on SpaceX’s 1st civil space mission

The orbital trip will last about three days; that is, the quartet of space tourists will take a few turns around the Earth, until returning on a landing (name given to landing at sea) off the coast of Florida. The feat actually has a rather noble main goal: to raise millions of dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Jared Isaacman was the one who conceived and financed this project, proposing to SpaceX the civil mission as a way to help the children’s hospital. As he didn’t want to become just another billionaire traveling to space, he tried to do something different when creating the campaign: he donated US$ 45 millions to the campaign and thereby “bought” the seats of the Crew Dragon spacecraft, allowing other ordinary people (ie, non-astronauts) to make history on their side.

The crew is then made up of billionaire Jared Isaacman, who is the mission commander; Sian Proctor, Afrofuturism artist and geoscience professor, being the pilot of the mission; Hayley Arceneaux, a St. Jude doctor who survived childhood cancer and is the official doctor for Inspiration4; and Chris Sembroski, a US Air Force veteran and data engineer, as the mission specialist. During the journey, the crew will conduct some scientific experiments, collecting data on the effects of this space travel on the human body — besides, of course, admiring all the beauty of the Earth from space.

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The crew of Inspiration4 (Image: Playback/SpaceX)


is following the backstage of the mission and, of course, will be watching the great moment of the launch live. In the video at the top of this article, you can follow the SpaceX live broadcast and, in the lines below, you can see, practically in real time, the most important events of this historic mission, which opens the doors, perhaps once and for all , for space tourism. Just keep updating this article all the time to check out the news!

Launch of Inspiration4 live

The transmission started at 15H45, early on showing the four crew of Inspiration4 leaving the SpaceX hangar and waving to those present at the location.

(Image: Reproduction /SpaceX)

They have entered Tesla’s Model X vehicles (another company founded by Elon Musk) to move to the launch site — but there are still many final tests and procedures to be done before the big moment.

(Image: Playback/SpaceX)

*Under development. Please update for more information.

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