Boston Dynamics robot dog is now able to replan routes on its own

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot looks like he’s straight out of a sci-fi series or a post-apocalyptic movie, but people never get tired of him. Now, the manufacturer has promoted improvements in Release 3.0 to allow the metal dog to do its job without any human intervention, as it can dynamically replan routes.

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In practice, this means that he can dodge obstacles and overcome adversity along the way, if there is an unplanned object in front of him. Spot can detect any problems in your routine and overcome them based on machine learning and mathematical analysis of the internal algorithm.

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Recognition of the environment is done by cameras that capture images for scene recognition, in addition to sensors that measure environmental factors, like temperature changes. Human inspectors can follow the analysis live and decide whether to keep the changes made by Spot or to propose a new one.

From the update, the robots started to provide more analytical data for computer software. Now it also allows you to automatically load data at the end of a mission with custom code, as well as integration with cloud servers such as AWS, Azure and IBM Maximo.

Of course these updates will only be really utilitarian for those who have disbursed more than US$ 74.74 (about R$ 74 thousand) in the purchase of the robotic dog, even so, it is very interesting to note how technology advances by leaps and bounds. Soon, Spot can really become an aid to accomplishing tasks that human beings don’t like or don’t want to do, autonomously and intelligently.

Source: Boston Dynamics

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