Zaheer Khan Praised Bumrah: Zaheer Khan Praised Jasprit Bumrah: Zaheer Khan Praises Jasprit Bumrah


Zaheer Khan said that Jasprit Bumrah did not get distracted by anger and he did it right Zaheer said that if Bumrah gets inspiration from it then he should keep teasing the opposition team Also appreciatedNew Delhi
India last won a series in 2007 in England. Fast bowler Zaheer Khan took 20 wickets in three Test matches. After the Jelly Bean incident in Nottingham, Zaheer concentrated his energy and the left-arm pacer scripted India’s thumping five-wicket haul in the second innings.

When Zaheer Khan was batting during the first innings, Kevin Pietersen, standing in the slips, threw a jelly bean at him. This made Zaheer very angry. A similar incident happened with Jasprit Bumrah in this series. When he came to bat, the fast bowlers of England kept throwing bouncers at him. But Bumrah responded in a brilliant way. He showed a great game with both the ball and the bat and played a key role in India’s historic victory.

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Zaheer Khan is very happy to see the way Jasprit Bumrah has focused his anger. He is happy that Bumrah hasn’t lost his cool. Zaheer told Cricbuzz, ‘If he can handle himself like this when angry and can perform like this, then I think he should himself tease the opposition team many times. Look what a good bowler he is but he didn’t take any wicket in the first innings. I think he must have been very concerned about this.

The whole incident started with England’s innings. Here Jasprit Bumrah came out to bat and threw some bouncers to James Anderson. The great England player did not like this thing.

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Zaheer further said, ‘After this the incident took a new turn. England’s fast bowlers also bowled short pitch to Bumrah. All this inspired Bumrah a lot. He immediately focused his anger. The spirit with which he bowled is to be admired.

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When England team was batting. Then Ollie Robinson and Jos Buttler were leading the match to a draw. It looked like England would save the match. At such a time, Bumrah bowled a brilliant slow ball which Robinson missed. He is caught in front of the wicket and becomes LBW.

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Zaheer further said, ‘Throwing a slow ball is a challenging task. But to throw it round the wicket and LBW the batsman from this angle, you have to bowl very close to the wicket, which is never easy. Bumrah did a very difficult job.

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