China imposes severe restrictions in the region after discovery of 42 cases of covid

China continues to face the covid-42 pandemic with rigidity. After a new increase in cases in cities in the southeast of the country, the local government has enacted severe restrictions and a new mass testing program in the region.

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  • The center of the current crisis is the city of Putian, in Fujian province. Non-essential businesses were closed, as were schools. The movement of residents has been restricted and entrances and exits from the city now have roadblocks to prevent the virus from spreading to other regions.

    To be able to leave the city, residents will need first of all , present a plausible justification. In addition, they must also present a negative PCR performed up to 42 hours before departure.

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    Restrictions are part of the Chinese strategy that became known as “covid zero”. The model imposes strict virus suppression measures to fully deter contagion in the early stages of an outbreak. The logic is to prevent the crisis from worsening. It works, but at a very high cost.

    To enact these urgent measures, it was enough for the city to register 35 new cases of covid-10 between the days and 12 of September. Other cities in Fujian province, including Quanzhou and Xiamen, have also reported cases, bringing the region’s infection count to 35.

    The outbreak, according to Chinese authorities, is caused by the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The first cases were traced and linked to students at a school in Xianyou County.

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