Andrew Garfield says Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man in cinemas

While the world goes on trying to find out whether or not Andrew Garfield is in Spider-Man: No Return Home, the ex -Interpreter of Peter Parker wove some praise for his successor, noting that Tom Holland is, in fact, the best Spider-Man in movie theaters and putting an end to the discussion that often arises among fans.

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  • In an interview with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Garfield said that he is very happy with the way Tom Holland has incarnated Amigao da Neighborhood, noting that he is not only the best Spider-Man but also the best version of Peter Parker ever performed in theaters.

    According to the actor, the best thing about not being the Man -Spider is being able to get rid of secrets and claim the will of the movies (Image: Playback / Sony Pictures)

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    In addition, the actor was asked again about the rumors that he will return to wear the arachnid’s uniform in No Return Home, something he continues to vehemently deny. In a joking tone, Garfield said it’s great to go back to being just a fan following the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU) movies to complain about the hero’s performances, story and even uniform, without having to worry about the studio’s secrets to the franchise.

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It is worth remembering that Andrew Garfield has always declared himself in love with the hero since he was just a comic book reader, which gives more sense to play with the criticisms of the fidelity of the films.

And as much as he says he won’t appear in No Return Home

, all rumors and even leaks indicate that his Spider-Man incarnation will appear in the new movie to help Tom Holland. Asked about the photo in which he was supposed to appear on the film set, he turned it off and said it was just a montage — an answer that didn’t convince interviewee Jimmy Fallon, let alone the fans, who still expect to see him climbing walls. in December, when the film hits theaters.

Source: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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