Modern Love | Where are the real people from the Amazon Prime Video series hanging out?

Modern Love premiered on Amazon Prime Video in October 2017 telling a different love story in each episode, and these stories are based on real cases, with some changes to make the events more attractive. The cases were written by readers for the column of the same name in The New York Times.

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  • The column Modern Love has been part of the North American periodical for some time, and some of the most interesting stories have been adapted for the series. Each event brings issues related to love relationships, fraternity, illnesses, death, among other unavoidable situations in life. If you watched all the episodes of the two seasons, got emotional and identified and now you’re wondering how the characters are today and what the real story was like, we went after it to find that out for you!

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First season

Episode 1 – When the Doorman Is Your Best Man

Image: Disclosure/Amazon Prime Video

In the first episode of the series, we meet Maggie, a book reviewer who gets pregnant unexpectedly and whose main supporter is the doorman of the building, Guzmin. Currently, Julie Margaret Hogben lives in Los Angeles with her daughter, who now has 23 years old, Isabel.

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The article was written in 2014 and, in an interview with The New York Times, Julie, or Maggie, revealed that her daughter’s father came to ask her to marry him, but that the request was not accepted. Also, contrary to what is shown in Modern Love, she never thought about not going ahead with the pregnancy. Maggie remains single, even though her daughter insists that she register on dating sites and apps.

Since Isabel was born, Maggie has not been involved with anyone, on the contrary from what we see in the episode when she shows up with a new boyfriend who is finally approved by Guzmin. The doorman’s real name is Guzim and he remains in the same position in an Upper West Side building, receiving a visit from Maggie whenever she appears in town.

Read original story , available in English only.

Episode 2 – When Cupid is a Curious Journalist

In the second episode, the series introduces us to journalist Julie and Joshua, the creator of a dating app. In an interview for Julie’s column, both exchange their romance stories. In reality, Joshua didn’t meet the love of his life in a job interview, the zoo trip didn’t happen and the infidelity didn’t really exist, as they hung out once in a while and that lasted until their graduations. The character was based on Justin McLeod, founder of Hinge, who met Kate during college. Journalist Julie was created based on author Deborah Copaken.

What actually happened was that Joshua and Kate had a “back and forth” relationship and that Kate actually was engaged to another man at the time the interview took place. Kate broke up with her fiancé a month before the wedding, when all the invitations had already been sent, inclusive, and the decision came after Justin showed up at her house eight years after it ended. They got married this year and Copaken was one of the guests. In the author’s story, she actually spent years upset by the boy who never showed up at her Paris apartment. Who found the other, however, was Copaken herself, who accidentally discovered him online while doing research for a new book.

The couple who hadn’t seen each other for years found themselves at the Central Park and today follow each other on social networks, but does not keep in touch. Copaken actually ended their marriage of years while the lost ex-boyfriend continued in their relationship. The author met a new man, but not on the Hinge, but on the Bumble website.

Read the original story.

Episode 3 – Accept Me as I Am, Whoever You Want Me to Be

Image: Disclosure/Amazon Prime Video

The third episode shows the life of Lexi, a lawyer who works in the entertainment field and who spent her entire life hiding that she suffered from bipolarity. This episode, unlike most of the others, shows several real details of the character’s struggle, who in real life is called Terri Cheney, such as the scene where she is happily doing her makeup and suddenly starts to shake and change. in a sudden mood.

The only fictional details of the story are her co-worker Sylvia, with whom she vents for the first time about the disease, and her dismissal as Cheney never lost a job. Today, she no longer works in law and has already written two books telling her story. The former lawyer also managed to manage her condition with relationships and says she has never seen Jeff again, the man she meets in a supermarket.

Read the original story.

Episode 4 – Renewing to Keep the Game Alive

The fourth episode features a couple who are not happy with their marriage, with the story based on the life of actor Denis Leary and Ann Leary, played by Tina Fey and John Slattery. What was not portrayed in the episode is that the couple’s therapist didn’t think their relationship was bad, and that even with the negative criticisms made to each other, they insisted on defending their partner. They still have the habit of playing tennis, the documentary they watch in the episode is the couple’s favorite movie, and this year they celebrated 28 years of marriage.

Read the original story.

Episode 5 – In the hospital, an interlude of clarity

Sofia Boutella and John Gallagher Jr. tell the story of Brian Gittis in the fifth episode of Modern Love, when the young man had a very intense second date and that it ended (or just started) in the hospital. The episode doesn’t tell what happened after the night in the ER, but we do know that Sofia’s character ends up returning to her ex-boyfriend a month later. Gittis said the young woman read the article in The New York Times and liked it, and so they met for drinks and talked about the case. They even had a few dates, but the relationship didn’t move forward. Today, Gittis is married and has a one-year-old son.

Read the original story.

Episode 6 – So He Looked Like a Father, and It Was Just Dinner, Wasn’t It?

Image: Disclosure/Amazon Prime Video

In the sixth episode, we meet the character Madeline, a young girl who grew up without the presence of his father and he sees in Peter, a much older man, the father figure he always wanted to have. This relationship turns out to be confusing for both of them. The character’s real name is Abby Sher and several elements were invented to spice up the plot, bringing scenes of discomfort and showing how complicated the relationship between the two was becoming.

Abby said she loved the episode, especially the work of Audrey Wells, who she claims to be a fan. “I was honored that she wrote the script,” she said. In the real story, Abby never met her coworker again outside the corporate environment. Today, she is married with three children.

Read the original story.

Episode 7 – A World Just for Her

In the penultimate episode of Modern Love, we know the story of Dan Savage, who along with her husband Terry Miller, go through an adoption experience. The baby’s biological mother is a homeless person who, after the adoption agreement, starts to live in the couple’s apartment. In the article, Savage talks about the difficulty of explaining to his son, DJ, what the situation in his mother’s life is and why she lives apart. A part of this is portrayed in the series when the boy tells her story to the baby in the crib.

In real life, DJ’s mother had several problems with addictions and prisons, making the couple even think she had died. Savage reveals that today she is fine and has a home, and that she contacts her family by phone occasionally. DJ is with 10 years.

Read the original story.

Episode 8 – The Race Gets Hotter in the Final Lap

The last episode shows the life of Eve Pell, who wrote for The New York Times in 90 telling their life story. In old age, she found a great romance during her runs, until the day he unfortunately passed away. In an interview conducted in 2019, Pell said that he met another man and that he is very happy, even though he no longer wants to get married. “I can’t stand the idea of ​​having four husbands. It’s a lot,” she said.

Read the original story.

Second season

Episode 1 – In One Winding Road, With Open Top

Image: Disclosure/Amazon Prime Video

The first episode of the second season tells the story of a woman who cannot sell the car that belonged to her husband, who has already died, even though the car was full of problems. The plot is adapted from an account by 2019 by Doris Iarovici, and only a few details have been changed.

Iarovici has two children with her late husband instead of just one, and her current partner has two ex-wives and four children . The car was never sold and bought again by her husband, as happens in the series. Instead, she even discussed the sale and her husband was always sympathetic about it, but no negotiations were made. The couple follow along.

Read the original story.

Episode 2 – The Girl of the Night Meets a Guy of the Day

In the second episode, we know the story of a woman who changes the day for the night, saying that this happens because you have a disorder. So, she ends up falling in love with a man who has a common routine, and they both need to adapt. The story is faithful to the actual event, written by Amanda Gefter in 2016. The only moment invented for the series is when she can’t wake up to lunch with her mother-in-law. The couple got married in 2019, with the order being placed on a beach at two o’clock in the morning.

Read the original story.

Episode 3 – Strangers On A Train (from Dublin)

Episode 3, in real life, is much less intense than the adaptation. It tells the story of a woman and a man who meet during a trip to train to Dublin, days before the pandemic broke out across the world. In the real case, Cecilia was found on Twitter by the guy and they exchanged their phone numbers. The relationship didn’t happen and she didn’t say that the story would become an episode of the series for Amazon Prime Video.

Image: Disclosure/Amazon Prime Video

Read the original story.

Episode 4 – A Life Plan For Two, Followed By Um

In the fourth episode, we see a passion that begins in childhood and continues into adolescence, in a story based on Marina Shifrin’s account in 97. In the series, the girl is in love with the boy since they were children, but the romance never happened. In real life, the relationship is with her best friend, and they really only got together once, in college, and years later they became friends again. Marina is now a comedy writer.

Read the original story.

Episode 5 – Am I…? Maybe This Test Will Tell Me

In episode 5 of Modern Love

    , we see a teenager trying to find out if he’s gay or not through BuzzFeed tests, and the story is based on an article by Katie Heaney. While in the series the character discovers her sexuality while still at school, in real life heany made this discovery to 28 years, doing a personality assessment on the OkCupid website, “match” with Lydia. They got married in April 2019.

    Read the original story.

    Episode 6 – In the Separated Spouse Waiting Room

    The sixth episode of season two follows the story of a former soldier who divorces after discovering his wife’s betrayal with a co-worker . Still traumatized from his services as a soldier, he goes to a psychologist and meets, at the reception, the ex-wife of the husband betrayed by his ex-wife. They connect and start to live together to improve their traumas, and the same happens in real life. However, they never got to date. Today, Benjamin Hertwig is an artist as well as a writer.

      Image: Disclosure/Amazon Prime Video

      Read the original story .

      Episode 7 – How Do You Remember Me?

      In this episode, two men who had a one-night stand only have their memories revived as they cross paths years later on a street. The story is based on the testimony of Andrew Rannells from 2019, and the author himself had a chance to script and direct the episode. He chose to leave the story as faithful as possible to reality, which happened to a woman. Their quick reunion took place on New York’s New Avenue, two years after they got together. Rannels is an actor and still lives in the city.

      Read the original story.

      Episode 8 – Trying Again, With Hearts And Eyes Open

      Finally, in the last episode of the season, the story is based on article by Mary Elizabeth Williams, from 2014, and tells her story in the fight against cancer and her relationship with her partner. The plot is a love story about loss and reconciliation. Together again, they have two daughters in high school and one in college, and Mary’s cancer was cured through a clinical trial of immunotherapy, which is featured in the episode.

      Read the original story.

      Modern Love

        is available on Amazon Prime Video in two seasons.

        Source: Esquire (1), (2)

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