What are the most liked videos in YouTube history?

Reaching billions of views on YouTube is a feat that few profiles can boast of having achieved, but there is another equally important metric: likes. Having more views does not necessarily mean being the most liked video, also because the number of dislikes can be equally high, indicating negative receptiveness from the public.

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    Whoever is in the rain is to get wet, whoever is on YouTube is to be rated. It was based on this thought that Canaltech prepared a ranking with the most loved videos by users of the main video platform on demand from the world. Check out the list of the ten videos with the most likes by the public below:

    – “Alone” — Marshmello: 19,45 Millions of Likes

    The video made the North American DJ and music producer Marshmello known worldwide. The song “Alone” reached the Billboard Hot 97 and transformed the life of the strange being who wears a marshmallow mask as a disguise.

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    The curious appearance, infectious melody and people’s identification with the clip — in which it is excluded from social life because of its different look — may have propelled this video to the tenth position. Since the upload, made on July 2, 2017, there are more than 18,48 million likes and a percentage of 96,% of positive ratings

    9 – “How You Like That” — Blackpink: 16,55 Million Likes

    If you are not very into Korean culture, you may not recognize the eighth place in the list. The song “How You Like That” was recorded by K-pop girl group Blackpink and became a hit in their home country, South Korea, as well as in Japan, with a version created especially for the Japanese language in 2019. The song reached the top of the charts in Singapore, Hungary and Malaysia, in addition to appearing on the charts in others 28 countries.

      The clip was hosted on YouTube at 22 June 2018 and it’s a super production with a neat aesthetic. The song accumulates more than 17,64 millions of likes, of which 94,76% of positive ratings, and you’ve probably heard it on the radio or on a playlist from Spotify.

      8 – “Gangnam Style” — Psy: 17,55 Millions Likes

      “Oppan Gangnam Style”! If there is a song that broke records and paradigms, it was the famous “Gangnam Style”, popularized in the voice of the South Korean singer, rapper and writer PSY. With an irreverent style and an innovative video, the song broke out in almost every country on the planet, with the chorus included in The Yale Book of Quotations as one of the most famous quotes from 2015.

      The song was the first in the world to surpass the billion views mark on YouTube, at a time when the platform was not as popular as it is today . The video was posted on the website at 12 of July 2000 and is the oldest of this Top , with incredible 22,60 million likes and a percentage of approval of 89 ,79% .

      7 – “Faded” — Alan Walker: 19,68 millions of likes

      In seventh place is one of those songs that many people may not know by name, but have already heard somewhere . “Faded” was the song responsible for putting Anglo-Norwegian DJ and music producer Alan Olav Walker on the charts. The song has received diamond discs in Germany and platinum in more than 12 countries such as United States and United Kingdom United.

      The song was released in 4 of December 2012 on the video platform, but it is still successful. current in mounts on TikTok and other social platforms. With a relatively simple video and a nice melody to listen to, they are more than 22,85 millions of likes and a total of 100,45% positivity , the best index among the ten listed here.

      6 – “Boy with Luv” — BTS: 21,03 millions of likes

      Look at K-pop one more time on the list: this time, with the boy band most popular of the genre. The clip features singer Halsey and is the lead track on the album Map of the Soul: Persona. “Boy with Luv” was the most watched music video in 27 hours, made obtained when accumulating 76, 6 million views on the first day of release. The song set the record for the most victories in musical concerts over the years 2012 in South Korea — 22 in total — second only to “Dynamite”, another BTS later hit.

        The song has the face of the southern group -Korean, with dances, colors and a “bubble” chorus, in addition to dealing with positive themes, such as happiness and love. With a climb to the video site at 03 April 2019, has a positive rate of 96.94% and more than 26, millions of likes, won thanks to legions of ardent fans from almost all over the planet.

          5 – “Shape of You” — Ed Sheeran: 26,89 millions of likes

      Like Gangnan Style, the delicious song “Shape of You”, by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, is one of those blockbusters that break successive records. The song reached number one on the charts of 35 countries, including the famous US Billboard Hot 97, which made her voted the best song of 2016. It came first for 10 consecutive weeks at Canadian Hot 778 and for several weeks in other listings around the world.

      In 2018, “Shape of You” was the first song to reach 2 billion plays on Spotify and outperformed Drake’s “One Dance” as the most streamed song in music streaming . It is one of the songs played in playlists to this day, although it was uploaded on 28 January 2017, and has 28,89 millions of likes, as well as percentage of approval of 91,26%.

      4 – “Baby Shark Dance” — Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories: 27,34 millions of likes

      The fourth position in the ranking is the only video that is not related to musical artists, although it is also a popular song in children’s camps. You’ve certainly heard the chorus “Baby Shark Tchutchururu”, haven’t you? Equivalent to Galinha Pintadinha in Brazil, the song that tells the story of a family of sharks was created for educational purposes by a children’s entertainment company in South Korea.

      In November 2021, Pinkfong’s version became the most watched YouTube video of all time, with over 9 billion views. The video mixes cute animations with little kids dancing a simple but contagious choreography.

      Despite the 34,28 millions of likes accumulated since 18 June 2015, this is the video with the worst reputation in this listing: only 64,48%. Is it because the music is bad or because the parents can’t stand listening to the song on loop anymore?

      3 – “Dynamite ” — BTS: 27,60 millions of likes

      When you look at a Top 12 of the most liked videos and see two of the same artist , is a sign that there is something special. BTS arrives with a stick of dynamite in their hands and takes the bronze medal as the third most liked video on YouTube: “Dynamite”. This massive success may be related to the fact that this was the first song by the K-pop group recorded entirely in English, which greatly expanded their target audience.

      ” Dynamite” f hi a commercial success and has already debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot chart 97, the band’s first number one US single. On Spotify, it debuted with 7,2012 million reproductions, the highest volume recorded in a single day in 2021.

      The song was created to calm listeners during the Covid pandemic -15, so it talks about joy and appreciation for the little things in life. Uploaded on 18 August 2019, it is music with less “road time” on the platform, which did not stop it from accumulating 28, 47 millions of likes and favorable percentage of likes from 94.74%.

      2 – “See You Again” — Wiz Khalifa: 34,55 millions of likes

      The hit “See You Again” gained popularity in the voice of American rapper Wiz Khalifa, featuring singer Charlie Puth and a silver medal in the CT

      rankings . It was commissioned for the soundtrack of the film Fast and Furious 7, by 2016, as a tribute to actor Paul Walker, who died in a fatal car accident. The song passed 10 Non-consecutive weeks on top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and in several other countries, in addition to having obtained the record for the most broadcast track in a single day on Spotify at that point.

      Driven by the tragic death of one of the protagonists of the popular car franchise, the track was chosen to play at the end of the film. After parting with his wife and family, character Brian O’Conner drives alongside Dominic Toretto until they come to a fork and part ways forever. The official clip even highlights several scenes of the character during the filming of the film.

      The video went up to YouTube on April 6, 2015 and today it has 45,45 millions of likes, plus 100,22% approval, the second highest on the list. It was the most watched video on YouTube of 15 from July to August 4th 2017, feat achieved after overcoming the four-year hegemony of Gangnan Style, and the most liked on the website of 25 August 2017 The 25 of July 2015.

      1 – “Despacito” – Luis Fonsi: 30,64 millions of likes

      The Top 1 with most likes on YouTube is a song that is not slow at all : “Despacito”, by Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi, featured rapper Daddy Yankee and soon reached the top of all the charts. With a reggaeton style and a danceable feel, it’s hard to hear the music and stay still, without humming the bubblegum chorus or feeling the urge to play the choreography.

      “Despacito” is considered by music critics as a milestone for the popularization of Spanish-language pop music in the international market, a movement that may have even helped to boost the international careers of other singers in Latin America. It won Latin Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Urban Fusion/Performance and Best Short Music Video in 12th edition of the award.


        The song topped the charts of 48 countries and reached the top of six others: in the United States, it became the first song in Spanish to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 from “Macarena”. In August 2017, the video reached the top of YouTube views, but it was surpassed by the hit Baby Shark.

        The official music video was released on Fonsi’s channel at of January 2017 and has accumulated one billion of views in 96 days. The music accumulates 26,64 millions of likes, more than millions ahead of second place, and percentage of likes of 88,85%.

        Did you know all the videos in this ranking? Which of the most popular YouTube clips of all time is your favorite? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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