PUBG Mobile Returns Classic Game Modes in New Update

The latest update from PUBG: Mobile, which has been available since Monday (13), brought a lot of news for the battle royale. In the coming weeks, the game should still feature the relaunch of the Vikendi map, classic game modes and the return of DJ Alan Walker for more collaborative work.

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    Alien plants have taken control of Erange, and players must fight back in the new game mode. In the area, players can board a ship called the Cell Matrix, find cells and fight opponents to earn Nacore tokens. These tokens are used for the DynahHex supply system, which allows players to request combat supplies to a specific location.

    The Flora Menace invasion started in Eragel this Monday (13) and will continue his foray into Sanhok on the day 18 in September, heading to Livik in 22 of September. The Cell Matrix ship will only appear in Angelel.

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    In the coming weeks, PUBG Mobile will have re-releases of the following game modes, in addition to the Vikendi map:

  • Metro Royale (28 September):
  • Travel through underground tunnels, survive and reap the fruits of victory;
  • Vikendi (October 8th):
      The cold map returns to the game;

    • Survive until dawn (22 of October): When the sun goes down, survive the onslaught of zombies;
    • Payload 2.0 (
      October): Prepare for explosive combat;
    • Runic Power ( October): Incorporate the energy of fire, ice or wind, collect crystals and dominate the battlefield;
    • Infection mode (13 October):
        Choose to be a defender or zombie in infection mode.

      Another highlight of the PUBG Mobile update 1.6 is the new lineup of skins from DJ Alan Walker , which is returning from the day 22 of September. In addition to visuals, a song and an exclusive event are planned.

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      • Image: Disclosure/Krafton Inc.
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