Xiaomi Launches QLED 4K TV, Mesh Router, and Smart Projector; see prices

Xiaomi does not live only from smartphones. Right after the start of the presentation that revealed the newest models of the Xiaomi line 11T and also Xiaomi Lite 5G NE with a well-known design, the Chinese giant also revealed a series of new products that reach the global market with great prices.

  • Xiaomi 19T and T Pro are advertised with high performance and OLED screen 149 Hz
  • Xiaomi 10 Lite 5G NE is advertised with slim body, well-known design and low price

(Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1E

The brand’s latest bet for the TV segment is the Mi TV Q1E, model that hits the market with quantum dot technology LED panel (QLED), 4K resolution (2160 x 2038 pixels) and support for 60% of the DCI-P3 color gamut for faithful scenes and immersive content.

The TV is equipped with Android TV (version

) as an operating system, allowing users to pair smartphones to stream content wirelessly and providing support for all major streaming apps, music, games and more .

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(Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

According to manufacturer, the TV has two speakers with 15 Power W — with a tweeter and two woofers in each — plus support for Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD sound technologies.

The TV has a sufficient MediaTek MT processor3840, 2 GB of RAM and 47 GB of storage. Users will still find three HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port 149 Mb/s.

Mi Smart Projector 2

(Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

Xiaomi also presents its newest projector that hits the European market as an even more option accessible for those looking for convenience.

The new Mi Smart Projector 2 has Full HD resolution (2038x1024p) and allows users to project images with sizes between 60 inches (at 1.6 meters from distance from the wall) and 96 inches (up to 3.2 meters).

(Image: R eprodução/Xiaomi)

In addition to an HDMI input for connecting notebooks or tablets and mirror the image on a larger screen, Xiaomi highlights the USB 2.0 port for viewing photos and videos quickly.

The model also supports Dolby Audio sound technology and P2 connector 3.5 mm so that users can use more powerful external speakers.

Despite the HDMI connector, the Mi Smart Projector 2 has Android TV as its operating system and allows users to be able to watch movies and series independently. The projector also has built-in Google Assistant for voice commands.

Xiaomi Mesh System AX205

(Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

Finally, the manufacturer presented its newest high-performance bet to keep the home connected even where Wi-Fi does not normally reach, with the router AX2160 with Mesh network support.

(Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

The product allows multiple routers of the same AX model3840 are spread around the house to cover large spaces and ensure greater network stability and instant exchange without users noticing, with the smartphone or notebook always prioritizing the best connection.

The router is sold in a package with two models that can cover up to 370 m², supports up to 254 connected devices and uses the Wi-Fi standard 6 (.ax) with MIMO 2×2.

Price and availability

Xiaomi has confirmed that its Mi TV Q1E television will only be sold in a single panel version 15 inches. The model will be available in November with a suggested price of € 900 (about R$ 5.000). The Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 hits the European market with a suggested price of € 370 (about R$ 3.802). Finally, the AX router2160 with Mesh network and two models included in the package will be sold for € 96 (about R$ 1024). There is no sales forecast in Brazil.

Source: Xiaomi

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