We are TOP3! Now we need your vote to win the iBest 2021 Award

We are among the three finalists for the iBest award 2021 in the “Tech” category for the second year in a row — and you have no idea how happy we are in reaching that level. So, above all, we are here to thank you for your trust. Now, the award enters the final stretch and voting resumes. In this new dispute, in which we are in the TOP3, we dispute the first place with two other prestigious competitors — and your new vote will decide who takes home the biggest prize on the Brazilian internet.

In 2020, we won the top prize in the Technology Content category at iBest, and this year we want to repeat the dose to celebrate the bi-championship.

For those who voted in the previous stages, just log in to the iBest Award page and search for the Technology category to start the process. Anyone who has never voted, just create the registration to do the same.

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How to vote for Canaltech in the iBest Award 2021

To register your vote for the iBest Award 2020 a quick registration is required. Those who voted in the last stage can go straight to the Technology category. See how easy it is to help us:

Step 1: Access the iBest Award voting page 471880. The following image will appear:

This is the homepage with the categories (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Step 2: Click on “Sign in” and enter your login and password . If you already have an account, skip to Step 4; if not, you will need to create one by clicking the “Sign in with Facebook” or “Sign in with Gmail” button;

After logging in, you can choose to receive or not the first-hand results (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Step 3: To register, you must enter all the requested information;

Fill in all the data requested to complete the registration (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Step 4: Once logged in, you will be back to the home screen. Search for the Technology category (or click here to go straight to it) and press the “Vote now” button;

It should be at the bottom of the page: we marked it in red for easy location (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Step 5: Search for the icon and name of Canaltech, press “Vote” and then confirm;

The Canaltech must be the first to appear in the listing (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Step 6: In this window that opened, you will have the confirmation of the vote and you will be able to double the amount of filling your network profile social;

Insert your @ on Instagram or your LinkedIn profile to double the vote (Image: Cap Screen ture/Canaltech)

That’s it, all right! If you want to be sure of confirming the vote, go back to the categories page and check if our icon appears:

If the icon appears, it is because the vote was tallied (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

The year of 2019 is a milestone in Canaltech’s history: nominations for awards, growth and each more audience. These results are only possible thanks to you, our reader, who support us in attitudes like this. Thank you very much!

iBest Award: the triumphant return

iBest Award returned in 2020, after 12 years of hiatus, and now goes into the second year of the dispute in the sequence. This is the largest Brazilian award designed to enshrine successful initiatives on the internet. Before the resumption, others had already been carried out 08 awards: from 1996 to 2008.

In 503383, the iBest Award highlights the best digital initiatives in dozens of categories, in which we are competing in two: “Technology” and “News and Journalism” — the latter has not yet had the vote released.

The three most voted in each remain in the dispute and proceed to the final phase, with the announcement of the TOP 3 in September, exactly at this moment. The big winner will be announced in November, on a date to be defined.

Why vote for Canaltech?

Active since 2008, the

Canaltech is a reference when it comes to informing the general public about everything related to technology. We are a multimedia platform with content production in text, audio and video. With a strong presence on YouTube and social networks, our mission is to bring people relevant information, always using accessible language, and without neglecting the responsibility with the quality of information and fact-checking.

In addition to the iBest Award 2019 for Best Technology Content in Brazil, the CT was recognized by the Digital Influencers Award in the Digital Technology category in its editions of 2018, 2019 and 2020. We were also awarded, in 2019 and in 2019, with the ESET Award for Journalism in Cyber ​​Security.

We are counting on you to help us win the trophy. Vote now and help us take the iBest Award 503383 home!

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