How to use the Multiple Devices function of WhatsApp

WhatsApp (Android | iOS) now releases the “Multiple Devices” function for the most up-to-date version of the app. This feature, still in beta, solves an old problem with the messaging app: from now on, you can access your conversations on your computer and exchange messages without your cell phone being connected to the internet. This functionality was already present in the rival Telegram, for example.

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    How the Multiple Devices mode of WhatsApp works

    The new function allows you to register up to four devices at once for standalone use — before this update, it was necessary to keep the cell phone connected to the internet to use WhatsApp Web or the platform’s desktop app. After connecting a new device, WhatsApp uploads a most recent message history, protected by end-to-end encryption. Messages are synchronized and your history can be retrieved by mobile.

    However, your smartphone is still required for various actions. In addition to being used to link new devices, you need to use your cell phone to manage your profile information, see real-time location, join groups, among other options. If you want to access the Multiple Devices feature, you need to activate the beta version of the feature on your mobile. See the step by step below!

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    How to use the Multiple Devices mode of WhatsApp

    Step 1: Open WhatsApp and select the tab “Connecting a device”. On Android, it is located between the three-dot menu options. On iOS, it’s located under the “Settings” tab. Then a warning of the beta version is displayed;

    Warning on screen informs arrival of beta version of function (Image : Bruno Salutes/Screenshot)

    Step 2: then tap the “Multiple Devices (Beta)” option”;

    Select to activate the function (Image: Bruno Salutes/Screencapture)

    Step 3: On the next screen, read the terms and tap “Enter beta”;

    Go ahead to check the beta version (Image: Bruno Salutes/Screenshot)

    Step 4: from that moment on, your WhatsApp account will be participating in the beta version of the function. Select “Connect a device” to connect your profile to WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for desktop. To exit the beta version, just repeat the process.

    Start adding devices that don’t need a cell phone connected to the internet (Image: Bruno Salutes/Screenshot)

    Ready! This way, you can access the Multiple Devices function and use WhatsApp when your cell phone is not connected to the internet.

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