Captain Marvel 2 Director Wanted Film With Fantastic Four and X-Men

The upcoming The Marvels was not the first idea that director Nia DaCosta presented to Marvel. Before accepting the sequel to Captain Marvel, she had proposed to the studio nothing less than a crossover between the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, proving that she decided to enter the Universe Marvel Cinematic (MCU) aiming high.

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The revelation was made during an interview with The Guardian newspaper, in which she says she had decided to take advantage of Disney’s recent acquisition of Fox to embrace, at once, the two main hero franchises that came together in the package. More than that, he said that he proved to be a real nerd who gets carried away with his own idea.

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  • According to DaCosta, the concept she presented to Marvel Mary’s producer Livanos in his first meeting was already quite megalomaniac. The idea, she says, was to make a film in which Storm, Cyclops and the villain Galactus would team up — a very curious combination, by the way.

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    Cyclops and Storm (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

    She didn’t reveal more details about the directions that she had imagined for this story, but remembered that the producer patiently listened to all the proposals she presented for the crossover, which, as it seems, did not come out of the paper. In addition, despite realizing that his idea was not going to happen, DaCosta highlighted that he felt very confident with this conversation as he realized that he would have the creative freedom to work and not just be a puppet ordered by Marvel.

    The most curious thing about all this is that, despite the fact that we don’t see the X-Men working together with the World Eater, the director really got her team movie. That’s because The Marvels will be more than just the sequel to Captain Marvel, but a reunion of Carol Danvers with the Miss Marvel and Monica Rambeau, who gained powers in WandaVision and will be one of the new heroines of the MCU.

    Even with different heroes, the director got her team movie (Image: Disclosure/Marvel Studios)

    As for the long-awaited crossover presented by the filmmaker, it is very unlikely that we will see anything so on screen—at least in the short term, as she had proposed. Although the two teams are very popular and are already in the public’s imagination because of the Fox films over the last two decades, it is unlikely that Marvel would take two such important properties and launch them all at once on the big screen.

    If there’s one thing Kevin Feige has taught us over the past ten years it’s that the MCU is built piecemeal, with tracks being planted here and there and post-credit scenes laying the groundwork and creating the expectation of the public. And as much as a Fantastic Four vs. X-Men was an incredible event for theaters, it wasn’t going to happen like that all of a sudden. But who knows in the future?

    Source: The Guardian

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