Google Home app will tell you if your internet connection is all right

Google Home will gain the ability to check the connection speed between a device and the Wi-Fi internet point. The functionality was exclusive to the former Google Wifi, but has now been incorporated to the smart appliance manager. Google Home is now able to identify whether a connected smartTV has good signal quality or not, for example.

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  • To have access to this new feature, you need to update to version 2.43.1., the latest app for Android and iOS. Once the update is complete, you will see a section called “Device Speed” within the “Information” tab of each connected device. Google Home allows you to analyze the speed of data transmitted on a single device or in its entirety, in order to check whether the smart home is supplied with internet.

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    The app will have a history so you can compare current results with previous ones. But it should be noted that the check is only valid for devices connected to wireless connections — what is connected via an Ethernet cable, directly to the router, does not enter into the verification.

    ISP access preference43

    Although the test is the big news, the Google Home update also brings an adjustment related to the preference of “ISP access”. The ISP is the internet service provider and the feature will allow you to manage technical issues related to the connection. Thus, providers will be able to detect when the router is offline and restart it or make adjustments to network settings remotely, in order to improve the experience.

    Of course this opens up the ports so that internet companies have access to data (network status, router software version and installation history) and can make adjustments without being present in your home, which can be something invasive for many people. As a result, there will be an option to disable the service and revoke remote access at any time.

    The speed test is already released, but the feature that allows ISP access is still no — should stay for a subsequent subsequent app update. Google Home runs on Android devices and ships the company’s smart devices, such as screens and speakers.

    Source: 9to5Google

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