Microsoft users can now login without using passwords

From this Wednesday (11) , Microsoft accounts may waive the use of passwords for authentication. Months after appearing as an alternative to business profiles, regular users are also given the ability to log in without having to fill in password fields, using only complementary verification mechanisms instead.

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On the new login, users will be able to confirm their identity via Windows Hello, password physical security, SMS, email or Microsoft Authenticator app. For the company, creating a world without passwords is an important need to reduce the occurrence of unauthorized access, since the most common passwords are easy to bypass.

Login without password is a solution to decrease the Attack “surface” accessible to criminals (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

“When I think about security, I imagine that it is necessary to protect your entire life”, defends the corporate vice president of security at Microsoft, Vasu Jakkal, in an interview with The Verge. MS’s new security option reduces the area exposed to attacks, something especially useful in periods of remote work, when many corporations have entered the digital world — and attackers know it too.

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How to log in without password to Microsoft services

The way to a world without passwords (or at least with less reliance on them) has been under accelerating construction for some time — including by Microsoft. Several companies, such as Google and Apple, have already implemented alternative means of passwordless login in their own ecosystems, but they have not yet abandoned 100% use the traditional credential.

To opt for the password-free login method, the user needs to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Microsoft account security details page;
  • Enter “Advanced Security Options”;
  • Turn on the “Account without password”, located in the Additional Security section.

Activating account without password is very simple (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

Activation will require installing Microsoft Authenticator on the mobile phone and linking the account to the device. Once activated, the user can also revert back to the traditional authentication method later at any time. The process is equally simple and done on the same “Advanced Security Options” page.

With fewer passwords, more complicated are the ways to hack into an account. It’s normal for a user to use the same password for multiple sites and platforms (which represents a huge risk, it’s worth mentioning), so with fewer passwords scattered around, the person can take time to create more complex and unique codes, too unreachable via social engineering.

Source: The Verge

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