Will Doctor Strange be the new leader of the Avengers? The MCU already shows that yes

After the end of Avengers: Ultimatum, the big question of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) it’s about who will lead the Most Powerful Heroes on Earth after Tony Stark’s death and Steve Rogers’ retirement. And given what we already know about Phase 4, everything indicates that Doctor Strange should assume this position — and Benedict Cumberbatch himself has already given tips in this regard.

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In an interview with Variety, the actor was asked if the hero will really lead the team from now on and he immediately tried to change the subject. Though he couldn’t hide the smile on his face, the Supreme Mage interpreter just said that he still needs to think about it—almost as if he’s been offered a job.

The Supreme Mage seems to have already taken the lead in Phase 4 without making too much of a fuss (Image: Disclosure/Marvel Studios)

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  • Cumberbatch’s reaction is a good indication for this, but the truth is that the MCU itself is already giving There are strong indications that Doctor Strange will assume this role very soon. Just see how most of the stories presented so far in Phase 4 are related to the hero and everything seems to converge on Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse, by WandaVision to Spider-Man: No Return Home, passing through Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and even Loki

      . And some even say that What If…? follows this path.

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      Also, there is the fact that we are talking about a character with a power level actually much higher than the others. Although Captain Marvel was introduced as someone very strong—remember, she took on Thanos one-on-one—the whole mystical element of Stephen Strange seems to be on a different level. Not by chance, he was largely responsible for part of the action of Avengers: Infinite War and Ultimatum.

      Not to mention that, within the story, the character is vain enough to put himself in this leadership role. Unlike a Spider-Man who is more concerned with taking care of his neighborhood than patrolling the world or Carol Danvers herself, who continues to patrol space (and seems to use this as an excuse to get away from conversations), Doctor Strange has already shown like that importance—something he flaunts well with the title of Supreme Earth Mage.

      In the comics, Doctor Strange pulls this leadership in part of the entire Marvel universe (Image: Disclosure/Marvel Comics)

    Part of this can be seen already in Shang-Chi’s post-credit scene. Although Cumberbatch did not appear, his influence there is clear when Wong (Benedict Wong) appears to further investigate the mystical nature of the Ten Rings. Rather than indicating a return of the Kung-Fu Master to the MCU, this scene also indicates that the Doctor Strange is already monitoring the world while the Avengers continue without formal leadership.

    Another important point to highlight is that, in the comics, the character really has this leadership role, not just in the Avengers, but part of the Marvel universe. Stephen Strange was part of the Illuminati, a group made up of the greatest minds in that world — along with Professor Xavier, Namor, Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Black Lightning — and who helped determine the direction of things in the heroes’ lives.

    So, with Marvel’s Phase 4 expanding into more than a dozen films over the next few years, it’s possible that we’ll have an even more frequent appearance of Doctor Strange coming along. Taking into account the character’s popularity after the last Avengers — as can well be seen in the public’s anticipation by both Spider-Man: No Return Home and for

    Multiverse of Madness — seems to be an almost certain path. Or at least until a Fantastic Four enters the scene.

    Source: Variety

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