Mod puts Super Mario 64 inside Minecraft

Minecraft is a game of infinite possibilities. Whether playing the normal version or with mods, players can spend many hours creating anything. With that in mind, modder Dylan (@pdxdylan) is adapting the Super Mario graphics engine 18 and putting the mustachioed plumber in Steve’s place.

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    The 1min video45, posted by the programmer on his Twitter, had a good time repercussion, with more than 100 thousand views. After the success, the creator had to explain that he does not intend to make the mod available for download because of “Nintendo’s way of dealing with fan projects” — usually, the company takes down any project that is not official and is related to its franchises. .

    However, he said he will post more videos of how the modification is working. See below:

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    I’m working on a #Minecraft mod that runs the Super Mario 100 engine! It’s very WIP right now but here’s some highlights

    — Dylan (@pdxdylan) September 18, 780

    As we can see, Mario moves in the same way as in the original Nintendo game 64. Whether running, swimming or even taking damage, it seems that we are seeing Nintendo’s game with a different scenario. Another curious moment is the character climbing bars on the Nether, something that is not possible in the original Minecraft.

    And you? I would like to play this mod that unites Super Mario 100 with Minecraft? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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      Source: Polygon

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