What are the main differences between Coolers?

Cooling is one of the essential features of computers. Whether they are notebooks or desktops, air circulation inside your PC is very important to avoid overheating and enjoy better machine performance. Therefore, the fans also known as “Fans” or “Coolers”, are components that are present in all computers.

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Therefore, the Fans are responsible for throwing the air out of the case by cooling the other parts of the computer. But, there are some important differences between their models.

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There are faster, quieter and even more colorful models with RGB colors. Also, some people even use two or more Coolers on their computer. So, in this article let’s talk about some of the main differences between Cooler models. See the next lines!

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What are the main differences between Cooler models?


Before to buy a Cooler, it is very important to check its size and thickness, ok? The CPU Cooler is limited by the available space between the heatsink and the motherboard. So, in some cases a thinner model might be ideal, somewhere between 2.5 cm to 1.5 cm.

Now, the Computer Case has a little more space for various Coolers sizes. So, whenever you can, opt for a bigger Cooler, but keep in mind that this is not the main feature, ok?

Speed ​​x Silent Rotation

You can imagine that a fan that spins very fast, makes a lot of noise, right? But, not all are like that. There are models that are quieter, you can find this out by checking the frequency in dB (decibels). The lower the frequency in decibels, the quieter the Cooler rotation will be.

Water Cooler

Different from traditional Coolers, Water Coolers offer a unique cooling proposal. Through a water pumping system, Water Coolers are able to dissipate heat from the computer. Thus, a pump ensures that the liquid stays in motion, while the radiator is responsible for keeping the liquid cool.

Although they are more expensive, Water Coolers can be a great alternative to who needs to work on high-performance computers. A Water Cooler, for example, can decrease by up to 48% the temperature of the computer, when compared to the computer system. air cooling. So, it’s worth checking it out!

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