Matrix 4 │ Theory suggests that Trinity died and was replaced by a clone

The trailer for The Matrix Resurrections served not only to raise expectations for the long-awaited sequel to the series, but also to make fans speculate on the direction of the story, particularly around the return of Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Anne-Carrie Moss). So much so that one of the most recent theories believes that one of the protagonists is, in fact, a simulation of the Matrix itself.

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According to the hypothesis raised by fans, the Trinity that appears in the trailer released last week is not the same one we saw in the original trilogy and that the heroine would have actually died at the end of Matrix Revolutions. So, in Matrix 4, she would just be an illusion created by the machines possibly to keep Neo trapped.

Trinity appears in the trailer with powers she didn’t have in the original trilogy (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros.)

And the clues for that would be present in the trailer itself. The first of these is that Trinity appears in Resurrections with powers that, until then, had only been manifested by the Chosen One. So much so that it is for this reason that there is another theory that points out that the character should be the Chosen One in this new phase of the series.

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Also, at one point, you can see her with lines of Matrix code running down her face, almost as if were tears. It is a very quick scene, but it caught the attention of the watchful eyes of the internet for being the kind of interaction that can indicate the moment when Neo realizes that his beloved doesn’t really exist.

This all coincides with the big question left in Matrix Revolutions: Trinity is already dead. Unlike Keanu Reeves’ character, who had a hint that he had survived the end of the trilogy, his ending appeared to have been final and there is nothing revealed so far to justify his return — nothing except the fact that it’s not really her who appears in the trailer.

The Matrix codes on the face may have given away the game (Image: Playback/Warner Bros. .)

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      What stands out, in addition to all this evidence, is that the theory makes a lot of sense for the possible story of the film. From what we’ve seen, Matrix 4 should follow the idea of ​​cyclical events, that is, repeating and updating some events we saw in the original film, but with a new guise. That’s why we have actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a young Morpheus instead of Laurence Fishburne.

      That way, we would have Neo awakened to reality from a new Trinity — something we can see with Jessica Yu Li Henwick, whose role has yet to be revealed, although the trailer has made her role within the plot very clear.

      So, with a new Trinity in action, it wouldn’t be strange to discover that Carrie-Anne Moss’ character is actually this simulacrum created by the machines to keep Neo under control and , somehow, stealing their powers. This would explain, for example, why she appears with these hitherto unprecedented special abilities.

      It would be Jessica Yu Li Henwick the new Trinity ? (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros)

      The curious is that Trinity doesn’t appear as a villain in the trailer. In fact, it’s possible to see her side by side with Neo at various times, including action scenes. This could either indicate that this whole theory is flawed or reveal that this digital construct has no idea of ​​its nature and really believes to be a real human – which would bring the philosophical discussion about what reality is and the human being itself, one of the Matrix marks. So, that scene with her crying codes could be a scene from the end of the movie.

      Anyway, we’ll have to wait until day 30 December, the national premiere date of The Matrix Resurrections, for discover the truth. And, until then, you can be sure that more theories will emerge

      Source: ScreenRant

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