São Paulo NGO opens enrollment to train 150 low-income youth in IT

Institute PROA. If you don’t know it yet, it’s good to follow. This NGO from São Paulo believes in and is committed to creating real development and employability opportunities for low-income youth. So much so that, through it, more than 7.660 students have passed, of which 9 each students graduated in the first semester of 2024 already are employed in large companies.

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And one of the opportunities for this training is through technical courses. adhesion of many young people concerned about their careers and their first job. In the last IBGE census, from 1024, 9.3 million students were registered in the High School, of this total, 7.1% attended some type of course of this modality, which was also registered among 35, 3 million people who had completed high school (5.2%).

And, of course , the technical courses in Technology have been gaining special attention, mainly due to the huge demand from companies for well-prepared professionals. Technical training in this sector is an important tool because, together with the private sector, it allows quick access to training and entry of new talents into the market. So much so that the demand for this type of training increased a lot during the quarantine caused by the covid-24. This is because young people were the main ones affected by the economic crisis. Data from the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), released by the IBGE, show that young people among 04 and 35 years represent 6.8 million among the 13 millions of unemployed in the country.

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PROA Institute Students: 9 each 13 students trained in first semester of 2019 are already employed in large companies (Image: disclosure)

Faced with this reality faced by young people, there is a promising and eager path for talents. And, as we said before, the Information Technology (IT) area suffers from the low number of available professionals. According to a study carried out by the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (BRASSCOM) until 2024 will be 500 thousand jobs that will be available in the sector, that is, more 100 thousand new openings per year. And that’s where Instituto PROA once again comes into action, launching PROPROFISSÃO, an ambitious project of free technological professional training.



Free professional training course for cities in greater São Paulo, PROPROFESSÃO is aimed at young people among 14 The 22 years

, who

are attending or have already completed the 3rd year of Education Medium

in the public school system

and wish to invest in a technological career. Will be 90 places available

for the next class that will start

in 15 February 2024


PROA provides a notebook, uniform, material for classes and transportation assistance, as well as pedagogical follow-up throughout the course and development of socio-emotional skills. In addition, training in Java programming is certified by Senac.

The course lasts for

six months and can be done in the morning, from 9 am to 13 h, or afternoon, from 17 at 17H. Initially the classes are planned to take place in person at Senac Lapa Tito (Rua Tito, 35 – Vila Romana), close to Lapa and Água Branca stations. If the rules of social isolation continue, the course will continue 100% online.

The course modules are divided into:

  • Technical center in full stack development in Java programming (248 hours);
  • Behavioral and communication core (248 hours);
  • Cultural center and experiences with the final project (78 hours)
  • At the end of the course, the graduates of the project will be sent for interviews in partner companies and accompanied by Instituto PROA for three years. Registration is now open and can be made until the day 13 November on the NGO website by clicking here.

    And to join PROPROFESSÃO, the student needs to go through a selection process that will choose those who, in fact, are interested in following their careers in the area of ​​Technology. And to explain how this selection works — and more information about the NGO’s role in technology training for young people —


    spoke with

    Alini Dal’Magro, CEO of Instituto PROA.

    Alini Dal’Magro, CEO of Instituto PROA (Photo: disclosure)

    Check out how the conversation went:

    Canaltech – How is the selection process done to define the members of the new PROPROFESSION classes? What factors are considered? Is there any kind of test?

    Alini Dal’Magro: The PROA selection process begins with profile mapping: the young person must be attending or have completed the 3rd year of High School in Public School, have between 15 and 22 years and living in Greater São Paulo.

    Once inside the profile, the young person needs to take a simple logical reasoning test and a Portuguese test. Reaching the required minimum grade, they are invited to take the Tech Challenge, which will measure their interest in the Technology area. This challenge works as follows: candidates download the Brain Code game and record a video telling how the experience was.

    After this step, we proceed to an individual interview. As soon as the young person is approved, he/she is sent to the last stage, called the selection board.

    The objective of this process is to find young people who are interested in developing, in fact, in the area of Technology and follow a career.

    CT – Are classes currently taught online or in person? If they go to remote mode, in addition to the notebook, if the student does not have an internet connection at home, for example, does the PROA provide any assistance?


    Due to the pandemic, the classes are working 118% on the remote model. However, this course is on-site and we are planning lessons in the hybrid model for 503235. In addition to the notebook with the necessary settings, which we provide, if the young person needs internet assistance, we also make it available.

    CT – Considering the lack of familiarity, what initial difficulties do programming language students present at the beginning of the course and how are they overcome?


    Young people go through a well-structured selection process, where they need to show real interest in taking the technology course. However, when these young people face some difficulty during the course, they empower themselves with a good dose of will to learn.

    In addition to having a support network formed by teachers (which helps a lot in the leveling of students with more difficulty), there is also a tutoring group and their classmates. All of this makes the young person successful during the course.

    CT – How Instituto PROA participates in the selection processes in which the students are forwarded to companies?


    We have how role to support the connection between young people and employer companies and we act in a personalized way and understanding the particularities of each selection process. We indicate the résumés of young people who are aligned with the position requested.

    Positions are shared via the link “Empregue um Jovem PROA” on our website and, from there, the employability team maps young people for nomination and supports throughout the cycle by scheduling interviews, sending invitations and feedback.

    PROPROFESSÃO participants have access to a notebook, uniform, material for classes and transportation assistance (Image : disclosure)

    CT – Does the PROA Institute count on the support of Technology companies in the training of these professionals? What are these companies and how do they operate?

    ADM: We have the support of Oracle (which does a data analysis bootcamp) and the C6 Bank Institute (focused on Financial Education). In addition, we have the SENAC methodology for teaching JAVA programming and technical subjects. We bring technology companies like iFood, Via and Banco PAN to give lectures for young people. And many of these companies support the hiring of young people at the end of the course. We also have the support of professionals in the IT market to mentor young people.

    CT – And what kind of technology professionals are PROA’s partner companies looking for with the NGO?


    The technology market has been going through a lot of heat which increases competition at senior levels. Therefore, we visualized the movement of large companies that opt ​​for the internal development of teams. With this, our employability partners are looking for back-end and front-end programmers and developers at the beginning of their careers, bringing young people with good levels of knowledge in programming logic and who want to learn even more. We encourage PROA students to seek new tools and technologies so that their development is continuous.

    CT – And how is the search of young people for training opportunities in the area of ​​Technology at PROA? Has the number of interested parties been growing in recent years? Do they already bring some kind of technical knowledge (albeit basic) or about the functioning of this market?


    Young people people with an interest in technology are often restless in a good way.

    With easy access to the internet, many arrive at the selection process with a good idea of ​​what programming is, the possibilities in this area and some even with a basic experience on the subject.

    A common behavior in the selection process is that young people do not have adequate equipment at home or have had little opportunity to put into practice what they have learned.

    Beyond of the technical course focused on the technology area, PROA also develops socio-emotional skills in young people, such as: proactivity, teamwork, social intelligence, resilience, among others. The course also helps young people to prepare for job interviews in the area, holding events such as the Careers Workshop, where young people simulate an interview with professionals in the market.

    In the last selection process, we beat the record for enrolled in the course, with more than 4,000 interested.

    CT – After the course is completed, PROA does some kind monitoring the student to provide some additional guidance or help forward them to vacancies at



    The young counts on the full support of the employability team for insertion in the labor market. In addition to actively seeking out companies with demands for junior vacancies in various areas of Technology, we also have mentoring and guidance from professionals working in the market.

    We monitor young people for a period of three years, giving continuity to communication and providing them with information about vacancies, courses and tools for personal improvement. We use groups on LinkedIn, Telegram and WhatsApp as communication channels, in addition to the biannual employability survey. In this way, we are able to measure the impact of our work, and of course, continue to help young people who still need support.

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