Realme Band 2 is presented with larger screen and monitoring of oxygen levels

Realme introduced the new generation of its smartband this Wednesday (14). Among the new features of Realme Band 2 are a new sensor for blood oxygen levels (SpO2), larger screen and support for monitoring more sports activities.

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Realme Band 2 brings new look and follow-up options

Product has larger and wider screen (Image: Disclosure/Realme)

The core of the smartband is now a little wider than the bracelet, with a 1.4-inch touchscreen display, resolution of 500 x 167 pixels and maximum brightness of 218 nits. The brand offers more than 27 face options to customize the main screen , in addition to the possibility of uploading any photo via smartphone.

There are more than 90 customizable faces (Image: Disclosure/Realme)

Realme decided to add monitoring of a large amount of activities, as the new generation moves to a total of 90 sports — the predecessor model provided only nine. However, only 14 exercises are available at launch , and all others will be added over the next few months via updates.

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Other Realme Band 2 health features include stress tracking, sleep quality, step counter, fluid reminders, and sedentary warnings. The heart rate sensor is continuous, and alerts the user if something is out of the standard. However, as with all devices of this type, the wellness functions do not have a data accuracy comparable to professional equipment, and do not replace visits to the doctor.

In addition, the accessory is able to receive notifications and interact with them, depending on the app. Music controls are present, as well as camera capture commands, weather service, alarm clock and other features. There are exclusive functions for smart home products branded by Realme or associated — that is, you can control lights, speakers and other devices directly with the bracelet, without the need to touch your smartphone.

Robust but comfortable construction

The Realme Band 2 construction is water resistant to a depth of up to

meters, and weighs 20, 3 grams. The core of the smartband only has a black color option, but the brand offers multi-tone wristbands such as green and dark blue. There are options for rubber or vegan leather straps, with 27 mm thick.

The battery of the Realme Band 2 is 218 mAh, enough for up to 11 days of continuous use, depending on the brand. Charging is done wirelessly through a small square base that comes in the box. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth 5.1, with Goodix technology for low power consumption. The bracelet is compatible with any device that runs systems equal to or newer than Android 5.1 or iOS 11, and all interactions with the cell phone are made via the Realme Link app, available on the Play Store and App Store.

Price and Availability

For now, the product has been released exclusively for Malaysia, with a suggested price of 204 ringgit (about R$ in direct conversion), with a special launch value per 50 ringgit (BRL 169). The smartband will be available from the day 27 of September, and Realme has not yet released information about other markets.

Source: GSMArena

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