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While everyone awaits the releases of The Batman and The Flash as Warner’s next bets on the world of superheroes, another film promises to be the big surprise of DC’s Extended Cinematic Universe (DCEU): Black Adam. The feature film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been promised for a while, but it looks like the production has finally unlocked and it’s now a matter of months before the character makes his big-screen debut.

And there are several reasons why expectations around the film are high. The Rock is one of Hollywood’s most beloved (and profitable) actors, the plot should have a much darker and heavier tone than we’re used to seeing in the genre, and we’ll have DC’s first major anti-hero taking shape. Not to mention the many compliments and promises made by Johnson, which only add to the hype.

We still don’t have any official image of the film, just concept art and illustrations made by fans, but that give us an idea of ​​what’s to come (Image: Playback / IMDb)

All of this contributes to making Adão Negro one of the most anticipated debuts of 2022. However, what do we really know about the character, his story, cast and what’s to come?

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Black Adam: Cast

The great highlight of Adão Negro is, without a shadow of a doubt, its protagonist. DC and Marvel battled for a long time who would be able to bring The Rock into their cinematic universe. And as much as Marvel fans wanted to see the actor as Namor, the truth is that Warner managed to bring the giant to their side and make him become the iconic nemesis of Shazam.

Incidentally, this dispute between Marvel and DC was recently made public after confirmation that the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, had talked with Johnson about his participation in the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU, its acronym in English), but negotiations did not advance. That means we barely saw him side by side with the Avengers.

Apparently, we should even see a new scale of strength within DC (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros)

Anyway, like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, Black Adam also seems to have been created for The Rock — or vice versa since the character’s first appearance is in 1945 — due to the similarity between character and actor. And it seems that Johnson himself decided to embrace this and use this similarity as a way to embody the anti-hero once and for all. The result is an actor who is very involved and excited about the film.

On his social networks, he enthusiastically shared any small detail of the film. Although he has not yet revealed the final look of the anti-hero, The Rock has made a point of saying several times that he wants to give the character as much physical form as possible and make his Black Adam create a new scale of strength within DC, surpassing Superman himself. Taking into account your training photos, it’s no doubt.

And as much as Dwayne Johnson is the face (and muscles) of the film, he won’t be the only hero to be featured in the feature. Warner has already announced that we will have other famous names from the comics showing up, and that we will even see a participation from the Justice Society, the first supergroup of the comics.

Concept arts already show a much darker tone (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros)

So much so that it has already been confirmed that the eternal 007 Pierce Brosnan will be present as Mr. Fate and that Noah Centineo will leave teenage romances like For All the Boys I Loved to play the hero Atom Crusher. As a bonus, we’ll still have Quintessa Swindell appearing as the heroine Cyclone and Aldis Hodge as the Hawk.

Another very interesting participation is that of actor Djimon Hounsou, who will return to play the wizard Shazam — the same one who gave powers to Billy Batson in Shazam! — which is very consistent with the origins of Black Adam in the comics and helps us to have a greater sense of what we are going to find in terms of the story, since he must be the one who will give the powers to the protagonist.

Finally, there is confirmation that actress Sarah Shahi (Sex/Life) will play the character Adrianna Tomaz, who is the alter-ego of none other than Isis, the wife of Black Adam and responsible for resurrecting the character. If so, she should be one of the centerpieces of the plot.

Thus, the cast confirmed so far is composed of:

Black Adam (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) Adrianna Tomaz/Isis (Sarah Shahi) Lord Fate (Pierce Brosnan) Atom Crusher (Noah Centineo) Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell) Black Hawk (Aldis Hodge) Mage Shazam (Djimon Hounsou)

Black Adam: Trailer

The recording of Adão Negro ended about a month ago, which means that it should still be a while before we have the first trailer being released. That’s because the film has just entered its post-production, which is when digital effects are introduced. And since we’re talking about a comic book adaptation, this kind of thing is more than necessary.

And while the first scenes don’t arrive, the expectation is that we have at least an official image of The Rock with the character’s costume. So far, we’ve only had fan-made concepts and artwork, plus lots of pictures of the actor showing off his muscles. At most, we saw part of the back of the uniform, which only piqued our curiosity about how Black Adam will look in the film.

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Black Adam: What to Expect

With the exception of the characters already confirmed, nothing concrete was said about the story of Black Adam, which makes the story that DC intends to tell the character is a huge mystery. And it’s hard to even build on the comics, as the Keeper of Kahndaq has taken a lot of different approaches to their stories.

This means that Black Adam was once both a hero and a villain in the comics. Its more classic version is precisely antagonizing the hero Shazam, but we already know that the character will not show up to face The Rock, so it is very likely that we will see something more focused on the anti-hero line that was adopted in comic books more recent, blending the character’s more controversial personality with his tragic past.

In the comics, Adão Negro remains a very powerful and equally dubious character (Image: Reproduction/DC Comics)

Thus, it is very likely that we will see his origin in Ancient Egypt recounted, when he was still called Teth-Adam and when his heroic deeds caught the attention of Mage Shazam, who chose him as his champion and granted him powers such as strength, speed. and wisdom. With that, he comes to reign over Kahndaq and act as a hero to his people.

It is from there that we must see his family killed and he seeks revenge. This causes him to release the spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins — those who appear as statues in Shazam! — that make him lose control and kill the people of his country. With that, the newest genocide of antiquity is punished by the wizard Shazam with the loss of his powers and ends up dying.

If the story follows the character’s most recent comics, we should have a leap in time that will show Black Adam being reborn in modern times and discovering this rather dubious figure, that is, someone who wants to redeem himself and do what is right, but who always ends up using unorthodox and sometimes unheroic means. And it is in the meantime that we must have the Justice Society appearing, possibly to try to stop the protagonist and then allying with him to face a greater evil.

Isis’ presence fits perfectly into the kind of romantic tension Hollywood loves (Image: Playback/DC Comics)

There are still doubts about how Isis should appear, since the character Adrianna Tomaz has already had more than one version in the comics. One of the most iconic is that she is an ordinary human who manages to assert herself in front of Black Adam, piqued his interest. With that, the two get closer and the hero decides to present her with the old amulet of his deceased wife, also armed with Shazam’s powers, so that she can transform into Isis.

This is the kind of story that would fit perfectly into a script, especially given this arc of redemption we’re assuming here. So, just as the Justice Society would be there to bring Black Adam to the side of the light, Adrianna would be the person who would reach the character’s humanity. It’s the kind of arc Hollywood loves.

Of course, this is all speculation and there are a lot of holes, as we don’t yet know who the villain will be and what other characters are present in the film. Anyway, it’s a good kick for a starting point.

Black Adam: Release Date

After years of promises and delays, filming for Black Adam has finally wrapped up and it’s now just a matter of time before post-production is completed. This means that it is very likely that Warner’s schedule will be maintained and that the film will even hit theaters on July 29, 2022.

That means there’s still a year left to trim all the edges. Considering The Rock’s excitement with the character and the possibilities that can come out of this film for the entire DCEU, this is a wait that has everything to be worth it.

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