CittaMobi: how to use the app to view bus schedules

The CittaMobi app (Android | iOS) was created thinking of those who need to get around the city and can’t miss the time. It informs the timetables of the bus lines, which are the routes and the points they pass through.

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It is also possible to create alerts for buses that you constantly take, knowing how long it will take you to arrive there. destination or even notify when one is late. See how to use the app.

How to use CittaMobi to see bus schedules

Step 1: Download the app and click the “Allow Location” button so that it starts monitoring buses near you.

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Access the application and release access to your location (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 2: Create an account via Gmail or from Facebook to continue and have a more personalized experience.

Register in the app (Image: Guadeloupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 3: when opening the app, the home screen has a search frame; type where you want to go.

Define your destination (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/ Print Screen)

Step 4: all buses will appear for that destination, time they will pass and the estimated time of arrival.

You will see a list of lines and times in real time (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Captura of screen)

Step 5: If you click the arrow next to each line, you can see all the next times that bus will pass by the point.

The next times of a specific line are also possible (Image: Guadeloupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 6: You can also drag the map and click on some specific point.

By clicking on a point you can have information about the lines that pass there (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Captura of screen)

Step 7: You can bookmark by clicking the star next to the line number to receive notifications.

You can bookmark the bus lines you use the most (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot )

Step 8: You can notify if any of the lines passing at the bus stop you are waiting for is delayed by clicking on it and select how much vehicle delay time is.

Inform lines that are overdue by clicking on them (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know the CittaMobi app and know how to use it to see the bus schedules in your city.

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