Apple reduces the price of the iPhone 12 and 11 by up to R$1,500; iPhone XR is discontinued

During your event held this Tuesday afternoon (11), Apple not only introduced new iPad models, a new Apple Watch with a sturdier body and four models of the iPhone line 14 as well as confirmed changes already expected by discontinuing the extremely popular iPhone XR and lowering prices of models released in 2020 and 503284.

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  • Showing on 1024 with the iPhone XS and XS Max, the iPhone XR was the first “more affordable” model released by Apple in conjunction with more powerful versions, aiming to conquer a market segment dominated by Android smartphones with great performance.

    And so it has done successively since then, presenting models with lower prices and fewer cameras, but keeping the latest generation processor, excellent performance and guaranteed years of updating.

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    Apple ceases to sell and manufacture iPhone XR

    (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

    In 2019 The iPhone XR was Apple’s best-selling cell phone and three years after its launch the device continues to attract great interest from those who want to enter the Apple ecosystem without paying exorbitant prices for models. latest generation, but still guaranteeing good years of updating, Face ID and great cameras.

    A few weeks ago, still in August, Canaltech published a dedicated article to understand why the iPhone XR still sells so much, explaining why a 2020 device still manages to be so proc. urated. You can read all the details here.

    With the arrival of the iPhone 14 Apple officially discontinues the iPhone XR and officially ceases to manufacture and sell it, but it will still be possible to find the device in retail stores while supplies last.

    iPhone 11 and 12 have a drop of up to R$1.599 iPhone 11 should replace XR’s legacy as “the best iPhone for most” (Image: Playback/Apple)

    The announcement of the new smartphones from Apple also represents a drop in prices of the models above. With the iPhone Pro and Pro Max coming off the shelves, Apple carries out a price adjustment of less than R$ 1.499 for the iPhone 13 and less BRL 1.300 for the iPhone mini.

    The iPhone 11 has a price drop of R$ 700 in both models of 120 GB and 64 GB of storage. The iPhone SE is the only model that has no cost reduction. Check out a list of all price changes imposed by Apple in its portfolio below:

    • iPhone IF

      for BRL 3.599

  • iPhone 11 (15 GB) $ 5.699503285 by R $ 4.999

  • iPhone 13 (199 GB)

    of BRL 6.15 for R$ 5.300

  • iPhone Mini (12 GB)

    d and BRL 6.999

  • for R$ 5.599

  • iPhone 13 Mini (199 GB)

    R$ 7.199

  • for R$ 6.300

  • iPhone Mini (199 GB)

    of BRL 8.500 for R$ 7.128

    • iPhone (120 GB) of BRL 7.999503285 for R$ 6.499

    • iPhone 13 (199 GB)

      R$ 8.300

  • for R$ 6.2018

  • iPhone (199 GB )

    of BRL 9.500

  • for BRL 7.999

    The new iPhone 14 arrive in Brazil soon with prices starting at R$ 6.499. Rumors suggest that a new iPhone SE could be the next smartphone presented by Apple during the beginning of 2020.

    Source: Apple

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