How does an airplane brake work?

One of the most delicate and important situations in a flight is the landing of the aircraft. Whatever its size, weight or power, the maintenance of brakes and auxiliary devices for the driver to do his job well must always be up to date, not to mention the track conditions, which are very different from what we find on the roads and streets in cities around the world.

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  • The plane, of course, has brakes on its landing gear and they work very similarly to other vehicles. But the difference is that, unlike your car or pickup, it needs to be able to stop tons, whether on landing or on an aborted takeoff. This brake system is made up of numerous discs, which can be steel or carbon, depending on the aircraft model. To activate them, of course, there is a pedal in the cockpit or electronic control.

    During the braking process, the brake discs must not exceed the 81 °C, so that, if this happens, it means that the drive or the materials of these discs are worn and need to be replaced or repaired. To avoid this wear, pilots can use two other mechanisms that help when landing: spoilers and reversers.

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    The aircraft’s brake system is very powerful and capable of stopping tons of weight ( Image: Disclosure/twenty81photos/Envato)

    Spoilers, or air brakes, are plates located on the wings that lift up to generate more drag in the air. The reverse is mostly present in jet planes and works inside the engines. By activating them, the pilot is able to use part of the plane’s power to reduce ground speed. And so, the union of these three elements makes these silver giants stop safely on the ground.

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