Marvel creatively shows how Wolverine's claws can kill the Hulk

Wolverine and Hulk are one of the most popular duels in the Marvel universe: the two have pecked each other several times, including the mutant’s debut in The Incredible Hulk #180 (1974). But in the magazine Savage Avengers #24, recently released, North American readers saw how X-Man can be deadly to Verdão in new ways.

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    Spoilers to follow. In this edition, the Greatest Heroes of Earth lose to Kulan Gath, villain in the stories of the barbarian Conan, and the sorcerer destroys humanity and reshapes the world in his image. He keeps Bruce Banner alive, but with one “lock”: he wraps Wolverine’s Adamantium bones and claws around his neck to ensure he can’t shift. It is worth noting that this plot, which takes place in an alternative timeline, does not take into account the Immortal Hulk phase, in which the Emerald Giant was dismembered and placed in jars and, even so, he managed to pull himself together.

      Bruce Banner and the adamantium necklace (Image: Reproduction/Marvel)

    The story of Gerry Duggan (screenplay) and Patch Zircher (art) takes place in a future where Kulan Gath regrets that there is no more audience for his greatest victory. Doctor Strange and Conan tried to defeat him, but even after creating portals to bring the Avengers, X-Men and even some supervillains to fight him, the sorcerer killed almost everyone, with the exception of a few who were at the mercy of tortures more than 20 years later.

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The question remains if only the imminence of being pierced by the claws of Wolverine during Banner’s transformation will be enough to stop him. This should be resolved in future issues.

Source: Screenrant

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