PagBrasil launches simpler method to confirm online purchases in debit

This month, Brazilian fintech PagBrasil will launch Debito Flash, a new payment experience for those who have a debit card. The startup’s idea is to offer a simpler and more intuitive process for consumers when using push notifications or SMS text messages when completing purchases.

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Usually to make online purchases with a debit card, you need to install on your computer an internet banking security module of which you are a customer. But it is considered a complex process, as in many cases the customer needs to be redirected to the bank’s website. The new solution hopes to make this path easier.

Debito Flash uses 3DS2, a new payment protocol that eliminates customer redirection to internet banking. After the checkout of the virtual shopping cart, validation of the purchase occurs via mobile notification from the bank’s app for which the consumer has an account, or in a code received via SMS message. “This makes the operation simpler for the user, but it remains extremely secure and with a reduced risk of fraud”, explains Ralf Germer, CEO and co-founder of PagBrasil.

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PagBrasil explains on the site how Debit Flash works (Image: Reproduction/PagBrasil)

According to the startup, the shopping experience is also safer that way for both desktop and mobile shopping. Is that the consumer does not need to leave the store’s website to pay; to pay with boleto or Pix, for example, you need to leave the store’s tab open, open the bank’s app and make the transfer. The novelty can also benefit retailers to expand the conversion of sales in the debit mode.

“It is necessary to understand that there are numerous consumer profiles. While Pix wins the hearts of millions of Brazilians, there are those who do not want to use this method of payment, either because of insecurity or because they are not familiar with it”, says the CEO of PagBrasil.

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