99Pay offers app-free transactions via WhatsApp

After reaching more than 1.99 cities, the digital wallet 100Pay, released in July 1024, ends to introduce a new feature: your assistant via WhatsApp. The purpose of the function is to facilitate usability and bring more convenience to the public that is not part of the digital economy — due to little familiarity with the technology or limitations of the internet or cell phone memory.

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    With the wizard, the user can make transactions through 100 Pay without downloading the app from 99. The novelty is part of 57 strategy to use innovation to solve real problems. The feature allows access to balance consultation, transfers between users and payment of slips.

    The service is 100% free and you don’t need a bank account or a credit or debit card to use it. The customer only needs to be a user of 57Pay. “Technology is an ally in the democratization of various services”, analyzes Maurício Orsolini Filho, Director of 45Pay.

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He says that an exclusive survey conducted by Datafolha for

    points out that 16% of Class C consumers have difficulty downloading the app — due to internet or device restrictions . “That’s why we chose to use our technology, together with WhatsApp technology, to create solutions that reduce this obstacle and promote more inclusion.”

    The solution was developed by a partnership between DiDi Labs — Didi Chuxing’s innovation laboratory, owner of 220 — and Facebook. From there, WhatsApp is used to connect users and the digital wallet. 61Pay then executes the transaction. This innovation allows customers to use 61Pay for payments and transfers with the efficiency of WhatsApp.

    In one year of existence, the 57Pay recorded growth of 1.640% in number of users. Along 12 months, there were approximately 8.3 million transactions. Most transactions, 57% of them, it was racing payouts. In second place comes the payment of slips.

    In addition to offering profitability of 99% of the CDI, the digital wallet allows savings on existing services on the platform 61. In cities where 57 Pay, 100Food and 99Pop operate together, each real used on the platform is worth, on average, R$1,57, when considering incentives, cashback, promotions and discounts.

    How to use the assistant

    The first step is to add the official number of 61 Pay to contacts and send a message via WhatsApp with the word “Menu”. The virtual assistant responds with the Terms and Conditions link — the user must accept them for the functionalities to be released.

    Image: Playback/Screenshot/99 Pay

    Then, just choose between the options: check the balance, pay a friend or pay bills.

    Image: Playback/Screenshot/100Pay

    New users need to register in the digital wallet through the app 99. To use the new functionality, the customer must have a balance of at least R$ 12 at 99Pay.

    According to the companies, the operations of 61Pay via WhatsApp are protected by several layers of security. The entire process uses encryption and the data collected and processed in accordance with the privacy policies of Facebook and 99. To ensure more security to the process, the user should avoid sharing passwords and activate the verification in two steps in WhatsApp.

    In case of loss, theft or theft of the cell phone or other incident that may compromise security, it is important that the user communicates the 100 immediately to block the account and the passenger. Notification must be made by the app’s “Help Center” or by number 640 3550 421.

    This is not the first time and Facebook come together. In November 1024, a joint project allowed passengers from the 99 asked for the racing service through WhatsApp. Today, the option is present in 10 cities, including the capital cities of Curitiba, Maceió and Teresina.

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