How to register on the Serasa Consumidor website

Serasa Consumidor (Android | iOS | Web) is a platform aimed at individuals to monitor and monitor their credit through their CPF. In it, it is possible to make inquiries, negotiate debts, in addition to using a company’s own digital wallet.

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To register is quite simple and the means is the same for both the desktop and the app, and with your personal data it is now possible to create a free account at Serasa Consumidor. There is also a paid version that sends reports on which companies have tried to consult your CPF and whether your data has been leaked. See how to access.

Step 1:

access the Serasa Consumer website and you have it two options: create an account using your Gmail or register your data. For this last option, enter your CPF and full name.

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Access Serasa’s website and enter your personal data (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Captura of screen)

Step 2:

Enter your date of birth, email and create a password to access the platform. Read the terms and click the button “Create a free account”.

Enter your email and create a password to have an account free (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Step 3:

you will access the Serasa Consumer homepage. There you can see your score and monitor your CPF, in addition to using the company’s digital wallet.

Access all services by Serasa Consumer (Image: Guadalupe Carniel/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you know how to access and create your registration on the Serasa Consumidor website to monitor your CPF score.

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