Fintech, which facilitates payroll-deductible loans, manages to invest R$27 million

Paketá, fintech that offers payroll-deductible loans to employees of private companies, raised R$ 27 million in a series A investment round, led by the venture capital fund Kinea Ventures, linked to the Itaú Unibanco group. Shift Capital, manager that had already led the startup’s seed round in December, also participated, when it invested R$ 9 million.

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    Founded in 2018 by Fabian Valverde and Rafael Queiroz, Paketá aims to facilitate the work of the human resources sectors with its payroll-deductible loan management tool — that type of loan in which the amount of the installments is charged to the employee’s salary. In addition, the startup claims to bring lower rates and better payment terms for professionals.

    Fintech has two models: the end-to-end, from capital allocation to customer service to employees; and payroll or software as a service, in which Paketá only offers the platform and infrastructure. In this last model, the startup also provides services to banks in the white label model, that is, giving the client company the chance to put its brand name on the platform.

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The amount of the new contribution will be used to scale the operation—that is, expand the customer base—and invest in new products and technology. “Last year, we grew 627% and, this year, we closed the first half with growth of 270%. We intend to accelerate these three fronts and add other products and services also in the B2B2C model “, says Fabian Valverde, CEO of Paketá.

The company also says that it is in advanced negotiations with more banks so that they can operate in the payroll loan market with “robustness and intensive use of data”.

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