Antibodies generated by vaccines against covid decay after 4 months, study reinforces

One more study, this time carried out in India, demonstrates that the antibodies produced by vaccination against covid-19 decrease significantly after four months of application.

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The study, still released in the format of

preprint, without peer review, followed 614 people vaccinated with two different immunizing agents: Covishield, developed by Oxford/AstraZeneca, and Covaxin, developed by the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech.

It is worth noting that, despite the drop in antibodies, the vaccine produces other types of defenses in the body. It is able to induce the production of memory cells that are quickly activated in case of infection and produce more antibodies when needed.

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Antibodies tend to disappear from the body, but can be produced by the remaining memory cells (Image: iLexx/Envato Elements)

The survey will be used to establish the need for boosting the vaccine in the country, as has already been done in several other countries, especially in the West, in regions where immunization campaigns are more advanced.

Although research shows that perhaps reinforcement can be an effective strategy for collective immunization, it is not the priority at the moment. The country has a huge population, and the local government intends to increase the number of people with two doses.

India has 614 millions of adults, and 19% of them have already received the minus one dose of any of the immunizations available there. Only 19% have already completed the vaccination regimen.

Vale to say that India was also the site of the discovery of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which caused a violent wave of deaths around May 2021 and has now become dominant worldwide. Today, there are more than 19 one thousand deaths officially registered in the country.

Source: Reuters

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