Free app helps parents monitor their children's internet browsing

Trend Micro, a cybersecurity solutions company, announced the launch of Trend Micro Family, a digital tool to help parents ensure their children’s screen time is safer .

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  • A Trend Micro Family was developed to address parents’ concerns about their children’s screen time and safety. The initiative was made using knowledge gained from Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids & Families program, which was launched on 2008 and currently operates in 20 countries, where parents and teachers attended lectures and courses on how to develop an environment Internet safe for kids.

    Trend Micro Family key features are:

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    • Social Media Checker: Trend Micro Family gives parents a way to optimize and centralize the security and privacy settings of children’s social media accounts, without the need to set them individually in each app;
    • Safe Browsing: with a less invasive approach, the solution provides a safer internet environment, blurring explicit images, and blocking access to inappropriate websites and advertisements;
    • Custom Settings: Families with multiple children can choose appropriate settings for each age group;
    • Online activity summary: parents and guardians can see how their children are interacting with the internet to make decisions about how to better manage screen time, in encouraging healthy digital habits;
  • Visibility report: parents and guardians can understand more deeply the interests and concerns of their children, stimulating family conversations about how to practice digital habits healthy.

    Availability and functioning

    Trend Micro Family is available in two forms: Trend Micro Family for Parents and Trend Micro Family for Kids. The company recommends that to get the most out of the technology, parents first download the Trend Micro Family for Parents app and then download the Trend Micro Family for Kids on the device that will be used by the child. In addition, Trend Micro Family for Kids comes with a free Chrome extension so that kids can also browse the computer safely.

    The Android app interface, showing the latest searches performed by a child. (Image: Reproduction/Trend Micro)

    When Trend Micro Family for Kids detects content that is unsuitable for children, such as obscene images, the material is blurred In real time. If a child searches for keywords or terms that require parental and guardian attention, Trend Micro Family for Kids sends a notification to the Trend Micro Family for Parents app. The sensitivity and frequency of alerts is fully customizable by parents.

    In the future, Trend Micro plans to update the Trend Micro Family with features such as support for social networking apps such as TikTok and Facebook, filtering inappropriate videos for children, and other educational features. The app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

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