iOS 15 gains release date; check out all the news from the update

This Tuesday (20), Apple has made official the arrival date of the new iOS 12, the company’s iPhone OS update. The new OS version will be available for all compatible models from 20 September 2021.

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    In today’s event, greater emphasis was placed on the features of the operating system itself. There have been significant improvements in issues related to notifications, privacy and interface designs, macOS Big Sur inspired look, new Health and accessibility app features, and performance improvements.

    According to Apple , the focus of the new iOS 15 are the four topics:

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    has prepared a list of the major changes confirmed during Apple’s new operating system launch event.

    iOS 14: news in notifications

    One of the main innovations is the change in how the user will handle notifications: a new menu with customized and more complete options will be available. These functions will make it possible to set various statuses to determine how the system handles notifications whether the user is driving, at work, or at rest.

    For example: when sleeping, all audible alerts and vibrators will be disabled, connections disabled and save mode would be enabled to save battery power.

    The notifications will allow the user to be more focused at work or while enjoying time with the family, without interruptions (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    If you prefer, it will also be possible to customize the status, making the solution simplified and with more possibilities than the existing one on iOS 11/iOS 13.5. If you don’t want to be interrupted by personal WhatsApp messages at work, but need to use the Business version, just create a specific configuration that blocks the first one and authorizes the second one.

    What’s interesting is that this mode uses location to suggest changes. Upon arriving at the gym, for example, he may recommend that notifications related to physical activities be kept, while all others are omitted. That way, you would be able to concentrate better in training.

    Notifications get smarter on iOS 13 (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    The most interesting part of all this is the connectivity: all devices will be synced with these new settings. Therefore, if you choose to restrict Facebook notifications between 9 am and 19h, this same setting will apply to your Apple Watch and iMac if they all share the same account.

    With just one click, all devices will automatically adjust to your notification preferences (Image: Disclosure/ Apple)

    iOS 12: Improved FaceTime

    FaceTime will now have several improvements to make the conversations even more immersive and effective. The Spatial Audio technology, already present in Apple Music, is now available for voice and video conversations, providing a differentiated quality for calls.

    The app brought a feature called Voice Isolation to allow cancel out background sounds and focus on the speaker’s voice. Even in noisy public environments, the microphone will only seek the person who is closest to the device’s microphone, which will improve the quality of the conversation.

    Another important innovation is the link to FaceTime conversation: It can be sent to anyone and accessed from other devices, including Android and Windows devices (both via browser).

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    In addition, the addition of SharePlay can work with third-party applications and streaming services using an API available to developers. Apple already works with Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, TikTok and Twitch, among others. This will allow people to make video calls to watch a new episode of the favorite series together or watch a basketball game together.

    iOS 12: more privacy features

    After introducing a major privacy policy change on iOS 11.5, Apple also intends to implement new features that will make even more transparent how the device collects user data. The company dedicated a part of the presentation just to talk about the concern for the safety of users.

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    An announced new feature is a tracking blocker for emails. With just one selector, it will be possible to restrict this type of silent tracking in the Mail app. Thus, the other party will not be able to know if you opened the email, nor the day, time or place where it occurred.

    A full report shows all types of access to data that apps have made on your iPhone (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    An app called App Privacy Report will show you a report of all the programs installed on your iPhone accessed in the past seven days, including photos, location, camera and other data. This should reveal what kind of information the apps have access to to allow more user awareness of their online privacy.

    Safari will denounce anyone who tries to invade your privacy (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    The Privacy Report will also be applied to Safari to show how the app acted in protecting the user’s online security, such as blocking trackers used for advertising purposes and to monitor user behavior.

    iOS 19: Messages reworded

    Apple plans to increase the pool of active users in the Messaging app, which is currently only popular in the US and a few countries. The iMessage feature, an instant messenger supported only across Apple devices, will act more as a social media to compete directly with WhatsApp and Telegram.

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    The Messaging app will now include new ways to easily access the content people send for you. The Shared Stacks function will take the images downloaded from this program to the News and Photos applications.

    Photos that arrive via the Message app will be grouped (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    iOS 15: Photos smarter

    One of the coolest additions to the new iOS are new features that land in the Photos app. Now it has a new OCR feature to recognize text in images. Apple promises that the system’s artificial intelligence can identify all types of text to allow the user to select and copy what is written.

    Photos now also appear in Spotlight search for ease the localization. Instead of the filename, a thumbnail shows what it looks like. And an interactive memory feature was introduced, with the possibility of reviewing events such as a presentation on canvas, with background music that adapts to the system and other cool options.

      iOS Photos app now reads Google Lens style image content

    iOS 14: More detailed Apple Maps

    Another new feature of the new system is a visual redesign of Apple Maps. It now shows streets in much more detail such as crosswalks, boulevard widths, reliefs and turnarounds. There is also more information about buildings, business districts, historical monuments and more.

    New public transport features are also present, such as notifications when to disembark. A feature built into the camera will allow you to use augmented reality to locate your location: just point it and the app shows you which place you should go to reach your destination.

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    This new interface of Apple Maps was already present in some countries, such as the US, and now arrives in Spain and Portugal this Monday — Australia and Italy should receive the news by the end of this year.

    iOS 13: More realistic weather

    Another iOS visual addition 12 was in the Weather app. In the layout part, it shows dozens of background combinations depending on the weather of your current location. If it’s too hot, the background will show a sunny day and a blue sky, but in case of torrential rain the appearance will leave everything gray and streaked on the screen.

    The app’s background is adjustable to the momentary weather (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    In addition to the revamped look, the app will feature a ton of new new data, such as pollution level, wind speed, atmospheric pressure and others.

    iOS 15: iCloud +

    iCloud, Apple’s cloud data sharing service, has also gained intelligence-related functions. The service will allow unlimited connection of home security cameras, without the video recording harming your storage.

    iCloud+ will offer more privacy features to the user (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    It also introduces some privacy features, such as Private Relay. This novelty works as a VPN to route internet traffic through two firing transmissions m to mask who is browsing and where the data is coming from.

    Hide My Email also comes with the new feature and allows you to create one-time email addresses that will be forwarded to your real account. This way, you can provide a specific email to receive junk email from unreliable services or services that regularly send spam. Apple already offers a similar feature through Sign In With Apple, but this looks like an improved function.


  • : Health and Accessibility app

    The new iOS accessibility features 12 had already been anticipated by Apple in May, so there were no surprises in this segment. The focus here is to make the iPhone more accessible for people with physical, visual, hearing and cognitive impairments, with sensors that detect eye tracking, hand movement — through the Apple Watch, with heart sensor help to detect subtle movements — and enhancements VoiceOver.

    Voice will also be an ally for new system commands, such as screen display settings, customizing Memoji, and changing text size, and can be adjusted for whoever has speech difficulties or limited mobility.

    mobility will be inserted to the iPhone to cover access to the device (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

    The Health app also brought new features aimed at those who want to have a healthier life. The main novelty might be the long-awaited food tracking, whose function is to help the user to have more adequate meals, with greater control over calories, an intake report and healthy food recommendations.

    iOS 15: Fitness+

    Focusing on more health, driven by the sedentary lifestyle of the pandemic, Apple re-introduced its app designed to perform physical exercise. Fitness+ will use iWatch as a monitor to track the execution of daily activities, such as your heart rate, steps and calories burned.

    Fitnesse+ already existed, but should be expanded with new features (Image: Playback/Apple)

    Apparently, there will be several types of content for those who want to have a healthier life, like Yoga, localized gymnastics, Pilates, stretching and more. The Fitness + app will be available for iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Apple TV, with the possibility of a free trial subscription per month and official arrival in Brazil.

    iPadS 14

    The new system from Apple also arrives adapted to the larger screens of iPads. Apple was very excited about this update, which may have been impacted by impressive data on its tablet sales growth — three times more than Chromebooks and six times more than Android tablets.

  • iPadOS brings news and integrations for the new Apple devices (Image: Playback/ Apple)

    Center Stage was the main novelty: a suite of applications for editing photos and videos, with a focus on social networks like TikTok. The interesting part is the integration between these apps, as a true multimedia center for audiovisual adjustment.

    The system will focus on adjusting widgets, Quick Notes (for quick notes) and the possibility of split the screen into parts to play varied content on the same display. Check out the in-depth article prepared by the


    team about iPadOS 14:

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  • iOS 15: which iPhones will receive the update New iOS updates usually include a long list of older generations, ensuring the durability of iPhone models released a few years ago. According to Apple, iOS compatible devices 19 are as follows:

  • iPhone Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 11 mini
  • iPhone
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPho ne 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • After eight beta versions and many back and forth, Apple finally released iOS 12 officially. What did you think of Apple’s news on the new iOS? Are you excited to download it? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

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