Hell Let Loose: Multiplayer FPS to Beta on PS5

Hell Let Loose is the new online multiplayer FPS from Black Matter Pty and Team17. Set in World War II, the shooter will open an open beta for PlayStation 5 owners to try out the game in advance. In the testing phase, the available mode will be Battle of the Forest of Hürtgen, from against 17 players.

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  • The beta will start on the day17 in September, at 7:00 am (Eastern Time), and until 17 September, also at 7am. You do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play in the period.

    When it is released for PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S, on October 5th, Hell Let Loose will arrive with different maps. The FPS tells the story of the conflicts on the Western Front, the longest fought by the German and US armies on German soil in World War II.

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    The game does not follow the pattern of other shooting games, in which the number of kills and deaths is the most important, and brings a gameplay that prioritizes strategy. The team of players splits into six squads, each with a leader to lead the entire team to victory.

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    Source: PlayStation Blog

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