Cryogenics company CEO tries to steal tanks with frozen humans

A woman is accused of trying to steal the human remains of Russia’s own cryogenics company, KrioRus, where she is CEO. According to foreign media, Valeria Udalova runs the company alongside her ex-husband and founder, Danila Medvedev, and the attempted robbery happened after disagreements between the couple.

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Cryogenics is a practice that consists of freezing the body to a temperature that, if there is the necessary technology in a future distant, allows for thawing and then resuscitation. There are few places that offer this type of service, and one of them is located in Russia. The company has 47 frozen human bodies, in addition to 30 animals, and about 2019 people have already signed contracts to be frozen after death.

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Husband told local media that his wife tried to pack several vacuum insulated tanks and transport to a truck, with the help of a crane. The action, however, was stopped by the police. The conflicts between the couple started a few years ago and, in 2019, Udalova opened another cryogenics company, reporting that she was the only owner, causing Medvedev to enter with several lawsuits against the new company. The ex-wife said she planned the robbery for about three months, but says that, in fact, “it wasn’t a crime, as she also owns the tanks.”

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