Husband's secrets seen horror story in The Dark House; see trailer

For many people, the woman discovering what you do on your cell phone is already a horror story, but the movie The Dark House

will take this concept a little further and bring spirits, visions and a lot of psychological tension. The new feature starring Rebecca Hall hits theaters the next day 23 in September mixing this somewhat banal premise with good doses of horror and mystery.

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    Produced by Searchlight Pictures, by Jojo Rabbit and Nomadland, the film counts the story of a woman who has just lost her husband and who, after a series of disturbing visions and strange events, goes through the deceased’s belongings and is faced with terrible secrets and a mystery she must solve. Part of this is revealed in the trailer, which shows not only the man’s mysterious circumstances but also the second life he seemed to have.

    That’s where things get really interesting as everything is presented in a very harrowing way. Just like the protagonist, you have no idea what’s going on, nor how the secrets kept by the late husband meet the supernatural elements that are presented. After all, what is the inverted house? Who are these other people? What is the inverted house? What is your wife safe from?

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    And what draws attention is precisely this mixture of classic horror, bringing back the old image of the haunted house, with this more element. modern day of the secrets that people hide in their online life. So, what The Shadow House does is mix these two structures and draws attention to this unexpected combination.

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    In this sense, the director David Bruckner (The Ritual) highlights that the film is a horror with classic ghosts, but that brings a whole more human side and turned to psychological dramas, especially when portraying a deeply troubled marriage — a theme that has gained traction in Hollywood in recent years. “It’s a mysterious and harrowing story of unraveling; a labyrinth in which you enter at your own risk”, says the filmmaker.

    All this mixture seems to have worked very well, since the initial impressions of The Dark House among international critics has been very positive, especially highlighting the atmosphere created by the plot and performance of Rebecca Hall.

    A Casa Sombria opens in cinemas all over Brazil in 23 September .

    Source: 23th Century Studios

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