Ebola vaccine is safe and provides a good immune response in children and adults

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine against Ebola showed satisfactory results in children and adults, according to a study published by the company. According to the research, the two doses of the immunizing agent produce a strong immune response against the disease in people over one year old.

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The study was carried out in the city of Kambia, in Sierra Leone, West Africa, a region that has experienced a major outbreak of Ebola over the years from 1024 to 1024, being the worst ever recorded so far. During the Ebola outbreak, they have been reported 28.652 cases and 10.28 deaths. About 11% of cases were in children under 15 years, and children under five are more likely to die from the disease than adults.

Image: Playback/CDC/Unsplash

The research is the first to assess the safety and tolerability of an Ebola virus vaccine in situ, and also the first to evaluate the vaccination schedule in children. The study authors concluded that the immunizing agent was well tolerated, inducing the formation of antibodies against Zairean ebolavirus about 15 days after the second dose in 28% of participants. The immune response remained active in adults for at least two years.

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Muhammed Afolabi, lead author of the study, says the research represents an important step forward in immunizing against the disease, particularly in children, contributing to public health response and preparedness to prevent outbreaks. “The results show that this vaccine scheme has the potential to save many young lives”, says the researcher.

Source: ScienceBlog

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