Marriage to the Blind Brazil wins trailer and release date on Netflix

After the success of the reality show Casamento à Cegas, Netflix is ​​about to launch the Brazilian version of the dating show. Unlike other attractions of the type, in this dynamic single men and women need to meet people, fall in love and get married before they even get to know their new partner in a deeper way.

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  • Marriage at Blind puts participants in booths to talk to suitors, in a process that lasts days of a lot of flirting. As a result, these men and women may end up forming emotional bonds and deciding to get married within the program. At the end of the days of conversation, they meet in person, go on their honeymoon and move in together.

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By starting a new life, participants get to know their partners better as they live their work routines, friends and family. After a month of living together, it’s time to decide if the wedding will really happen or if someone will be waiting at the altar.

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The Brazilian version of Casamento à Cegas will be presented by actors Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, who are a couple in real life. The premiere takes place on Netflix in October in three parts, on the 6th, 20 and .

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