Major Failure Affects Millions of HP's Gamer-Line Computers

A serious security vulnerability is available in millions of HP gaming computers and notebooks, with almost model lines like Omen, Pavilion and Envy being hit. The loophole is in the Omen Gaming Hub, a software that is used for different tasks related to games on compatible computers, such as overclocking adjustments, peripheral lighting control or creating performance profiles for different profiles and titles.

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The application comes pre-installed on HP’s gaming systems, but it can also be downloaded individually by users of accessories and other HP products, further increasing the scope of the vulnerability. More specifically, the problem appears in an open source used for kernel reading and writing, as well as PCI and IO port settings, and other registry-related tasks.

From failure , however, an attacker would be able to gain administrator privileges on the computer, which could disable security solutions to perform scams, interrupt the machine’s operation or perform other exploits that could lead to file extraction or remote installation of malware. According to SentinelOne experts, who have published a report on the case, the breach is of high severity, requiring urgent application of updates.

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The driver that allows privilege escalation and malicious use is available in all installed instances of Omen Gaming Hub, in versions prior to .6.3.0. On the other hand, despite reaching millions of computers around the world, there are no signs of malicious use of the opening, which has already been patched by HP since the end of July.

The company has also been issuing alerts and notifications to users regarding the need for an update, and now that the vulnerability details have been revealed, the warning is enforced. On its official website, HP maintains a list of all affected models, as well as details on mitigating this gap and how users can identify if their systems already have the fix applied.

Source: Bleeping Computer, HP

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