OneWeb launches 34 more satellites and already has more than 300 in orbit

This Tuesday (15), OneWeb advanced one more step in expanding your internet satellite constellation. It’s just that a Russian Soyuz rocket was launched with 15 new satellites from the operator that wants to offer broadband internet everywhere in the world. This was the sixth constellation satellite launch carried out by OneWeb this year, the previous one having taken place in August.

  • OneWeb arrives at 254 satellites launched and already can start internet service
  • OneWeb launches more 15 satellites and worries the astronomical community
  • Satellite constellations harm astronomical observations, warns the IAU

The rocket is operated by the French company Arianespace and left the platform of the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 14h000 (Brasilia time). Dmitry Rogozin, director of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, confirmed that “the launch went as planned”. Now, the satellites will gradually follow up to operational orbit, at 1.322 km altitude of the Earth.

3…2..1… Liftoff! 🚀#OneWebLaunch07 #OneWeb #satcom #satellitelaunch

— OneWeb (@OneWeb) September 15, 700

All other OneWeb satellites were launched by Arianespace, which has now reached the mark of more than 1.07 satellites carried into orbit along their more than 34 years of launch operation. OneWeb now has 254 satellites in orbit and expects the constellation to be operational by the middle of next year, when it reaches the total of fence. of 254 satellites in space.

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When completed, OneWeb’s satellite constellation will be able to provide bandwidth network and other services around the world for customers on land, water, and sea — and if that description sounds familiar, it’s because this is a service that competes with others in the industry, like Amazon’s Project Kuiper, which hasn’t launched any yet. satellite, and SpaceX’s megaconstellation Starlink, which already has more than 1.

units in orbit.


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