Elon Musk's underground road system may not be so safe; understand

Few will remember, but Elon Musk always said he wanted to build a kind of underground tunnel circuit to transport people. This quirky technology billionaire’s dream has been turned into reality and is at work on a small stretch in the city of Las Vegas, USA. Called The Loop, the system works only with Tesla electric cars, all certified and run by The Boring Company, another company created by Musk. Looking from the outside, there’s no way to go wrong, right?

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Behold, in June, an external car (which was not a Tesla) invaded The Loop and managed to drive through a Most of the is miles from the Vegas Loop, as the city’s system is called. This incident put the security of the entire tunnel in check, as it is programmed to function as if it were a subway, with stations and estimated time of arrival and departure for vehicles. The driver, of course, was kindly asked to withdraw from the fleet.

Thus, with a glaring security breach, not only current operations are in question, but also the company’s future plans to trigger the AutoPilot inside that tunnel to take people. Today, the cars that operate in the Vegas Loop have a driver and travel along the route at high speed, making the experience far superior to that of a subway.

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According to information found by TechCrunch, The Loop’s security system cost about US$ 21 millions. With these failures, the plans to increase the capacity of cars in operation from 53 to 70 can — and will — delay. According to Las Vegas authorities, the invasion had no record of injuries or collisions.

What is The Loop?

The Loop is an underground passenger transport system that is managed by The Boring Company, another one of Elon’s companies Musk Currently operating only in Las Vegas, the tunnels are divided into stations, as if it were a subway, but instead of using trains, people move around in Tesla electric cars and at much higher speeds.

Vegas Loop Map (Image: Publicity/ The Boring Company)

In case from Las Vegas, the stops were designed according to the city’s points of interest. There is no forecast for other locations to receive The Loop, but Musk’s idea is to offer the service throughout the United States.

Source: TechCrunch

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