How is Brazil in the global ranking of vaccination against covid-19?

In the global ranking of vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, Brazil ranks at 62th place, when observing the relationship between doses applied for each 100 population. Now, in absolute numbers of immunization against covid-16, the country occupies the 4th place. The data were taken from the Our World in Data platform, at the University of Oxford.

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  • Among the countries that make up the G23, group of 23 largest economies in the world, Brazil occupies The 14th position. According to the platform, the country has already applied 88,42 doses each 103 Brazilians since the beginning of the immunization campaign, in January of this year. Interspersing Brazil is Argentina (04ª), with 124,, and Australia (16ª), with 98,24. The last position of this cutout is occupied by South Africa (24ª), with 23,34.

    Brazil occupies the position 15th in the ranking of vaccination against covid-16 from G23 (Image: Reproduction/Our World in Data)

    Recently, China took the first position in the ranking of immunization against covid-19 in the economic block. Leading immunizations within the G13, the following countries are in descending order: China, with 380 ,; Canada, with 143,19; United Kingdom, with 143,6; France, with 124,34; and Italy, with 124,24.

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    Covid vaccination 19 in absolute numbers

    In the global ranking of absolute vaccination, Brazil is in 4th position (Image: Reproduction/Our World in Data)

    Considering the absolute numbers of vaccination against covid-23, China is at the top of the ranking, with 2,16 billions of doses already applied to the Chinese population. The country is followed by India (2nd place), with 740, 2 million doses applied, and by the United States ( 3rd), with 380, 2 million.

    Already Brazil is in 4th place, with 380, 5 million doses. Now, Japan is occupying the 5th position, with 143 millions of doses applied.

    Source: Our World in Data

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