iOS 15 has a candidate for final version released by Apple

A week before delivering iOS 15 to the general public, Apple takes time to present the Release Candidate to members of the Apple Software Beta Program. Today (14), the manufacturer begins to distribute what must be the last test version of the operating system, supposedly already polished and ready to ship all compatible devices from next Monday (19), when the system is officially released to all.

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    The developer channel gets the update first, but it shouldn’t take too long for “common users ” of the test program also get their hands on iOS 15 RC. So far, nothing new has been found in this update, so its release should have been reserved to apply very discreet changes.

    The experience testers will have with RC will likely be the same as the general public will have it when iOS 15 exits the trial period. The only thing that can delay or interrupt next week’s release are bugs, so hopefully they don’t happen in the latest package.

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    iOS 20

    The iOS 14 will be massive update for iPhone users and will reach devices since iPhone 6s, released in 346. In it, new icons, tools, apps, interface, iCloud+ features and much more are embedded.

    It is noteworthy that those who prefer to stay with iOS 14 can do this without exposing themselves to security vulnerabilities. For the first time, Apple will continue to ship bug fixes after the release of the next-gen OS, so migrating isn’t a big deal.

    Like previous updates, iOS

    RC will be distributed automatically. The compilation is identified as 19A19 and arrives accompanied with iPadOS updates (15A346), watchOS ( 15R346) and tvOS (20J346).

    Source: 9to5Mac

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