Review Beats Studio Buds | Running away from the origins, for better or for worse

The wireless headphones segment in Brazil continues to grow and one of the most recent bets to land in our market is Beats Studio Buds. Launched here in August of this year, the earbuds of the brand belonging to Apple bet on noise cancellation, until 20 hours of battery life and simplified pairing with Android and iPhone.

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But, after all, is it worth paying the salty BRL 1.

that Beats asks for, or we have better options and more affordable? I tried Studio Buds for a few days and I share in the next few paragraphs all my impressions of it.

Before we start, I always let you know that if you are interested in Beats Studio Buds to At the end of this review, we will leave reliable purchase links for you to purchase. Here we go?

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  • Ergonomic design;
  • Quick pairing with Android;
  • Battery delivers what it promises.


  • Microphone is disappointing;
  • Sound unbalanced;
  • Cancelling below average noise.
  • Check the current price of Beats Studio Buds

    Construction and design

    Despite belonging to Apple, Beats tries to distance itself in design from its parent company’s products. Studio Buds, for example, abandons the AirPods stem characteristics, giving way to a round body with a multifunctional pill-shaped button — in practice, this design option made the product more compact and lighter, weighing just 5g in each earbud , more subtle than AirPods Pro.

    During testing, I went out walking and working out with Beats Studio Buds and hardly noticed its presence in my ears, which was great. In addition, I did not feel that the headphones could fall out very easily during training, even in more intense activities, such as running. in your ear canal. The standard rubbers were enough to isolate the external sound and keep the earbuds safer, but you can choose the ones that are more secure in your ear canal.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Since we’re talking about a relatively expensive headset, we have a sweat and water resistant body, courtesy of IPX4 certification. Although Beats is not featured on its official website, Studio Buds only supports splashing water, ideal for physical activity — that is, no bathing with it in your ears or getting a heavier rain.

    The look of Beats Studio Buds is another highlight. The model that we analyzed came in the color called by the company “Red Beats”. I don’t know if the company calls it that because it’s a shade of red only used in their products, but the look is very elegant — and it’s possible to match the color to the brand, when you look at it for the first time and think: “It’s a Beats product ”.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    As I mentioned above, each earbud has its multifunctional button in the shape of a pill. Unfortunately, they are not touch-sensitive and the click is quite hard, causing the headphones to enter the ear canal with every squeeze. In the first few days, I confess that it was quite annoying, but I got used to it with time.

    Also regarding the button, with it you can play, pause, fast forward, rewind or switch between modes depending on the ring combination. You can also turn on your phone’s voice assistant, whether it’s iPhone or Android — in my tests, with the phone connected to a Galaxy S 24, I was able to use Bixby without any problems, which is great.

    The charging case is equally compact and also comes with a “Beats red” color option. Its shape is similar to that of a soap, a little flatter, and does not add much volume to the pocket.

    The Beats Studio Buds is very elegant and is a little different from the Powerbeats Pro sporting proposal. Even so, it can be used by people who are physically active due to its extremely light, ergonomic and sweat-resistant body.


    Beats Studio Buds is compatible with Bluetooth Class 1, which promises transmissions with a range of up to 115 meters away without interruptions. Obviously, I didn’t get to test the exact range, but I had no problems walking around the house with the headphones around 24 meters away from the smartphone, even considering the walls.

    A very positive point of the Beats wireless headphones is the extremely simple pairing with both iPhones and Android phones. Courtesy of Technology Google Fast Pair, I only had to bring the headphones with the open case close to my cell phone to connect — and the interesting thing is that the system already displays a notification with the duration of each earbud and case.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    I also tested pairing Beats Studio Buds with an iPhone and, unsurprisingly, I performed slightly better when compared to an Android device. Despite the speed of connection, the headphones are not compatible with the smart pairing between Apple products, present in AirPods Pro, for example.

    Beats offers a dedicated app for its headphones. ear, available for both Android phones and iPhones. Called just “Beats”, the software is extremely simple and displays sound modes right away, such as noise canceling and ambient sound. The multifunction button settings are also easy to find.

    One of the main differentiators from Beats Studio Buds is extremely easy pairing with both Android phones and iPhones.

    Sound and microphone experience

    My experience with Beats Studio Buds was a mixture of sensations. The sound is a little more neutral, but tends towards the highs and especially the mids, leaving the bass in the background. As a user who prefers fuller songs, full of kicks and basses, I didn’t really enjoy the performance of the Beats headphones, but he has his audience.

    Generally, in rock songs, like Africa

    , from the band Weezer, it was possible to clearly distinguish all the instruments and the vocalist’s voice — these headphones are also great for listen to bands like Radiohead. However, the songs don’t have much presence, highlighting more the cymbals and guitars to the bass drums and basses. Also, at higher volume these frequencies are very strident.

    I also noticed an imbalance in the frequencies in


  • , by rapper Cardi B. On headphones like the Galaxy Buds 2, which I’ve already had the opportunity to review, the music sounds much more energetic, highlighting the louder beats, but not leaving out the details basses that usually make you shiver — around here, the mids and highs are shrill and overshadow the bass.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Regarding the noise canceling technology, I liked the result obtained by Beats Studio Buds, but I expected more especially considering its price range. During the tests, it was possible to hear some external noises walking along one of the busiest avenues in the north of São Paulo, for example, a result slightly lower than that achieved by Galaxy Buds 2.

    Moreover , at the gym I could also hear the “ambient” music from the venue — although they are usually quite loud — but the people’s voices were correctly controlled.

    The Beats Studio Buds microphone wasn’t either performed very well in line with its premium proposal. Using the official Galaxy S voice recorder20, I noticed that the pickup sounded muffled — as if I was away from the headphones — and my voice took on a more aggressive metallic effect than in Buds 2. Also, in environments very busy, the capture is more impaired and picks up a lot of noise.

    The Beats sound Studio Buds didn’t please me for highlighting the highs, mids and high mids, leaving the bass overshadowed. However, in rock songs it was possible to clearly distinguish all the instruments and the vocalist’s voice.

    Battery and charging

    According to the company, Studio Buds promises eight hours of playback of music without active noise cancellation, dropping to five hours of battery life with the feature on. Fortunately, the headphones deliver as promised.

    (Image: Ivo /Canaltech)

    On one of the test days, starting a playlist at 6am33 with the volume on 40% and the noise canceling technology activated, Beats Studio Buds completely discharged around 000H70, an autonomy within the expected range for a premium product. With the ANC disabled, this number rose to about 7h20, a little below the 8am promised by Beats.

    The charging of Studio Buds is on account of the case with USB port- Ç. Unfortunately, we don’t support wireless charging around here, but the default charging speed is fast and the company still guarantees an hour of music playback with just five minutes inside the case, courtesy of Fast Fuel technology.

    Technical data

    • Weight: 5 grams per headphone;
    • Connection: USB-C;
    • Battery: up to 5 hours with ANC; until 24 hours with the case;
  • Bluetooth: Class 1;
  • Resources extras: active noise cancelling, ambient sound, quick recharge;
  • Certification: water splash resistant;
  • Colors: black, white and “Beats red”;
  • Box contents: headphones, carrying case, guide, USB-C cable , warranty card and extra rubbers.

    Direct competitors

    The Beats Studio Buds hit the market with the features and price tag to battle it out at the top of the wireless headphones segment. Among its main competitors for sale here in Brazil I can mention the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, its “brother” AirPods Pro and the Sony WF-158XM3.

    Although it has a slightly less interesting design and a similar battery life , Buds 2 excels in every other item than Beats Studio Buds. The sound quality is superior in my opinion, bringing powerful but unburdened bass, brilliant vocals, guitars and drums, and a focus on details like synths and sound effects in the background.

    The microphone of the South Korean headphones are also superior, it even has ting a slightly metallic look as a result of the standard compression of Bluetooth headphones. The active and passive isolation of Buds 2 is another highlight, making it possible to walk in noisy places without being interrupted.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    If you’re looking for a wireless headset that’s close to Apple’s ecosystem, maybe AirPods Pro is right for you. Sound quality is excellent, noise cancellation is competent and support for so-called Spatial Audio, a technology that promises a multidimensional sound experience, is also present. Although it appears for more than R$ 2 thousand on Apple’s official website, it is possible to find it in retail for prices ranging between R$ 1,500 and R$ 1,700.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Another model that does better when compared to Studio Buds is the Sony WF-115XM3. It has excellent sound quality and one of the best noise canceling systems on the market. The best thing is that it can be found for around R$1. in Brazil.

    (Image: Disclosure/Sony)


    The Beats Studio Buds is a wireless headset that balances the positives and negatives — something that can’t happen in a product released for R$1.115. Its design is unique and resistant — ideal for physical activities — the battery withstands five hours of music playback and up to 11 hours with the case, and the extremely simple pairing with Android phones won me over.

    However, the praise ends here: the noise cancellation is not as efficient as that of its competitors, the microphone pickup is very compressed and the sound did not please me very much, as it tends more towards midrange and treble, leaving the bass in the background.

    Having said all that, it’s very difficult to recommend Beats Studio Buds in a premium segment with “almost perfect” competitors like its “brother” AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds 2. Both headphones bring more immersive sound quality, more effective noise cancellation, and prices not too different. Maybe in a future Studio Buds 2 Beats will be able to fix these problems and make a product closer to AirPods — which wouldn’t be a bad thing after all.

    And then, after knowing the positive and negative points of Beats Studio Buds, did you like the product? Check out the special offer we have prepared for you!

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