Huawei Introduces Laser Headlights for Cars to Project Film Outdoor

Recently, Huawei participated in the IAA Mobile 30 in Munich, marking the brand’s first appearance at an international automotive exhibition . During the fair, the vice president of Huawei Intelligent Vehicle Solutions BU Europe, Tang Ming, mentioned that the company ranks first in the world in the field of optical transmission equipment.

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A brand has made several advances in this field. The Chinese recently launched a feature for smart cars, AR-HUD (Augmented reality-head-up display), a system based on augmented reality that displays information directly on the car’s windshield. )

According to Tang Ming, the company’s technologies aimed at the automotive industry can also be used to create outdoor cinemas with the implementation of intelligent laser headlights in vehicles, enabling the projection of videos and images on any surface , like a movie projector.

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A similar technology was created by Audi in October with the launch of two electric SUVs containing LED headlights with image projectors. The difference is that the Chinese manufacturer’s technology uses lasers to project images outdoors. The choice has to do with definition and image quality, as the laser projects a pure and well-defined coloration, while the LED can present different color tones at once.

Huawei has accumulated many experiences in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) over years in various fields from communications, cloud computing, optics and many others. According to the company’s vice president, Hu HouKun, the brand plans to insert itself more and more into the car market in the coming years.

The company has not yet announced the official launch of the technology, but is an interesting initiative that could revolutionize the experience of drivers in the near future.

Source: CNBETA

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