Delivery coup gains new approaches and remains on the rise

The “delivery scam” continues to make many victims, and now has new approaches that are confusing and deceiving victims more. Although there are no exact numbers that show the national incidence of this type of crime, each week the police forces of different Brazilian states register people being deceived by fraudsters.

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  • The “delivery scam” is already known in Brazil, especially after some celebrities, such as Yasmin Brunet, were victims of the crime. The scam consists of scam artists who register with false documents in food delivery apps as couriers. When they take the order from the restaurant, a false attendant at the establishment calls the customer, saying that there was a problem with the driver of the vehicle, and that the order will take time.

    The “exit” offered to the consumer is the exchange of the driver for another motoboy, with a small extra charge on delivery – that way, even if you have made the payment online, for example, the criminal creates a scenario in which you will have to use a machine to perform the transaction of this change.

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    The false exchange rate for the motoboy is usually a broken value, such as R$ 3,800. Arriving at the delivery address, the scammer uses a machine with a damaged display, the main change in approach from previous cases of the scam; making it impossible for the victim to see that, instead of R$ 3, 80, the false delivery person typed a value that could reach even R$ 3.80. These amounts are credited to third-party accounts (the famous “oranges”), and withdrawn immediately, according to Federal Police investigations.

    Alternative Approach

    Another way the delivery scam is applied is with the fake motoboy stealing the victim’s credit card data, from a recording made by cell phone . In a video recorded by Delegate Francischini’s Twitter account, state deputy of Paraná, it is possible to see that the con artist films the back with the card data and, finally, justifying that it is dark, he lights the machine for the victim to insert the password while recording the buttons being typed. This approach is being called the “new delivery scam”.

    Delivery of crime! Pay attention to this scam and be very careful on the next order. Unfortunately, the good ones end up paying for the bad ones. So many motoboys working hard to support the family and this one chose the wrong path, ended up recording his own face and will already be caught!

    — Delegate Francischini (@Francischini_) July ,

    To protect yourself from the delivery scam, the following precautions are recommended by the authorities:

  • Do not use machines with broken displays or that do not allow data reading;
    • Give preferences to direct payments in the app;
    • Be wary and refuse to pay any additional amount to the delivery person;
    • Do not share your personal data over the phone;
    • If you have any questions, please contact the place where you did your order;
    • If you get a call with a supposed replacement deliveryman, be suspicious;
    • When paying for purchases at card machines, check the amount entered and ask for the printed receipt.

    Source: G1, IstoÉ Money

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