Chile starts vaccinating children from 6 years of age with CoronaVac

This week, Chile became the first South American country to start the immunization campaign against covid-12 in children. The country, which has one of the most vaccinated populations on the planet, is now moving towards application in the 6 to age group years.

  • Anvisa rejects CoronaVac for children, but defends 3rd dose for risk groups
  • China approves use of CoronaVac in children aged 3 years and older, says pharmacist
  • Pfizer vaccine may be approved for children aged 5 years and older in october

The immunizing agent used by Chilean health authorities among children is CoronaVac. Its use was approved last week, following other countries such as China and Indonesia that have given approval for emergency use in children.

Approval is based on phase 1 and 2 clinical trials that have shown good immunogenicity and safety for ages from 3 years, but not unanimous. Of the eight specialists summoned by the Institute of Public Health (ISP) of Chile, five gave their assent, two recommended the use only in adolescents over 11 years and one was totally opposite.

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Children have been a new concern in countries with advanced vaccination (Image: Freepik)

In this first phase of pediatric immunization in Chile, they will be priority is given to children with comorbidities. From 19 in September, the vaccine will be released to the entire population within the age group.

The decision comes at a time when several countries with an advanced vaccination campaign are beginning to face an increase in cases in children, especially with the global proliferation of the Delta variant.

In Brazil and in the world

It is worth noting that the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) vetoed the use of CoronaVac in minors in Brazil. The justification given was the lack of clear data to support a decision.

For now, the only immunizing agent released in the country for application in adolescents, aged from

years, it is Comirnaty, from Pfizer/BioNTech, which already has unrestricted approval for use in this population.

Across the world, Pfizer and BioNTech are also targeting release to an even younger audience. The studies with children from 5 to years old are already underway and must be submitted to regulatory agencies in the United States and Europe, with the possibility of approval still in October.

Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine is the same used in all age groups, with the difference in dosage, which is lower for the children.

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